Other on line resources of information on Space Optics are the following:

NASA Photonics web page is maintained by the Photonics Group lead by Melanie Ott at NASA Goddard Space
Flight Centre. It hosts a very rich resource of information accessible freely at: http://photonics.gsfc.nasa.gov/

ESCIES is the European Space Components Information Exchange System and is an online library contributed to, and used by, European space industries and agencies. ESCIES Photonic web page
https://escies.org/webdocument/showArticle?id=687&groupid=6 includes a number of reports and papers and the proceedings
of the following Working Meetings:

The International Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications – ICSOS is a meeting dedicated to the study of inter-satellite and ground-satellite-ground laser communications. ICSOS 2012 was co-located with ICSO 2012. The proceedings of ICSOS 2012 along ICSOS 2011 and ICSOS 2009 can be found:    

The International Symposium on Reliability of Optics in Space – ISROS was held in 2009, 2010 and 2012 in Cagliari, Sardinia.
The Proceeding can be freely found here:

For ISROS 2012   http://www.isros.org/en/isros12/agenda.htm
For ISROS 2010   http://www.isros.org/en/isros10/agenda.htm
For ISROS 2009   http://www.isros.org/en/isros09/agenda.htm

The Society for Photo-instrumentation Engineers – SPIE run for a number of years the symposium on ”Photonics for Space Environment”. The Proceedings are available on line at SPIE Digital Library http://spiedigitallibrary.org/

OPTRO is a series of Symposiums on Optronics in Defence and Security. The last OPTRO was held in Paris in 2010 while the previous one was held in May 2005. The next OPTRO Symposium is scheduled in 8-10 February 2012 in Paris. The Proceedings for OPTRO 2010 are available with protected access at:  http://www.optro2010.com/index.html

CNES organized regularly workshops on many kind of topics in the frame of CNES Technical Competences Centers
(a general description of the way it works can be found here http://cct.cnes.fr/en/cctinfo/accueil.htm).

OOE is a specific series of workshops on Optics and OptoElectronics dedicated to instrumental principles of optical space instruments, simulation and modelling of optical sensors, technology and use of optics, detectors, focal plane arrays, analog signal processing electronics and lasers for space applications. The program is referenced at the following address (only in French for the moment):
http://cct.cnes.fr/cct12/sommaire.htm including workshops on:

  • Optical materials
  • Electronic for detectors
  • Straylight

The proceedings can be obtained with free subscription and request of a login and password.

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