ICSO - 7th International Conference on Space Optics
14 - 17 October 2008
Toulouse, France


Program Committee

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Plenary Session

Welcome & Introduction

Optical Technologies in Canadian Space Programs
Wanping Zheng, Canadian Space Agency

Optics in ESA future missions : Performance requirements and Technology Challenges
Frederic Safa, ESA

JAXA's Contribution to GEOSS
Masanori Homma, JAXA

The French Program for Earth Observation
Benoît Boissin, CNES

"The French Program for Universe Sciences
Jean-Louis Counil, CNES

NASA and International Cooperation: The View Ahead
William Barry, NASA

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Session 1 - Innovative Telescopes

Invited Paper
Temporal Hypertelescope
F. Reynaud, University of Limoges

Astrophysical Targets of the Fresnel Imager
Laurent Koechlin, CNRS

LAUE LENS: The Challenge of Focusing Gamma Rays
Nicolas Barriere, INAF - IASF Roma

A Technology Demonstrator for Development of Ultra-lightweight, Large Aperture, Deployable Telescope for Space Applications
Alessandro Zuccaro Marchi, CNR-INOA

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Session 2 - MEMS

Electrostatically Operated Optical Microshutter Array for a Miniature Integrated Optical Spectrometer
S. Ilias, INO

Dynamic Diffraction Gratings and a Spectrometer Demonstrator
Ville Veikko Aallos, VTT

MEMS Tunable Grating Micro-Spectrometer
Maurizio Tormen, CSEM

MOEMS Devices Designed and Tested for Future Astronomical Instrumentation in Space
Frederic Zamkotsian, CNRS

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Session 3 - Cooling System

Micromachined Joule-Thomson Coolers for Cooling Low-temperature Detectors and Electronics
H.J.M Ter Brake, University of Twente

Space Cryogenics at CEA-SBT
L. Duband, CEA Grenoble

Air Liquide's Space Pulse Tube Cryocooler Systems
T. Trollier, Air Liquide - DTA

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Session 4 - Imagers

The High Resolution Optical Instruments for the Pleiades HR Earth Observation Satellites
C. Singer, Thales Alenia Spac

Design and Breadboarding Activities of the Second-generation Global Imager (SGLI) on GCOM-C
Y. Yui, JAXA

The GOCI Instrument on COMS Mission - The First Geostationary Ocean Colour Imager
François Faure, Astrium SAS Satellite

Multi-Spectral Optical Scanners for Commercial Earth Observation Missions
K. Schröter, Jena-Optronik GmbH

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Session 5 - Imagers

Calibration of the VENµS super-spectral Camera
Jeremy Topaz, Elbit System Ltd.

Accuracy Assessment of ALOS Optical Instruments: PRISM and AVNIR-2
T. Tadono, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

The Multispectral Instrument of the Sentinel2 Program
V. Cazaubiel, EADS Astrium

Development of Detailed Design Concepts for the Earthcare Multi-Spectral Imager
Dan Lobb, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

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Session 6 - Imagers

NAOMI Instrument: A Product Line of Compact & Versatile Cameras Designed for High Resolution Missions in Earth Observation
Philippe Luquet, EADS Astrium

MET Image - An Innovative Multi-Spectral Imaging Radiometer for the Eumetsat Polar System Follow-On Satellite Mission
Matthias Alpers, DLR German Space Agency

METIS, the Multi Element Telescope for Imaging & Spectroscopy: an Instrument Proposed for the Solar Orbiter Mission
G. Naletto, University of Padova - CNR-INFM LUXOR

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Session 7 - Technologies in Telescopes

Invited Paper
Performance of Lightweight Large C/SIC Mirror
Yukari Y. Yui, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Cesic Optomechanical Technology last Development Results
Christophe Devilliers, Thales Alenia Space

Highly Light-Weighted Zerodur Mirrors
Stéphanie Behar-Lafenetre, Thales Alenia Space

Directly Polished Light Weight Aluminium Mirror
Rik ter Horst, Nova Astron

Space Optics with Silicon Wafers and Slumped Glass
R. Hudec, Astronomical Institute - Academy of the Sciences of the Czech Republic

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Session 8 - Auxillary Sensors

Sturdy as a House with Four Windows. The Star Tracker of the Future
Tom Duivenvoorde, TNO Science and industry

A Star Tracker Insensitive to Stray Light Generated by Radiation Sources Close to Field of View
Lisa Gambicorti, CNR-INOA

HYDRA Multiple Head Star Sensor and its In-Flight Self-Calibration of Optical Heads Alignment
Laurent Majewski, EADS-SODERN

From Space Qualified Fiber Optic Gyroscope to Generic Fiber Optic Solutions Available for Space Application
Thomas Buret, IXSPACE

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Session 9 - Infrared Interferometry

Invited Paper
Technology Challenges for Exoplanet Detection with Mid-IR Interferometry
Peter R. Lawson, NASA

PERSEE, a Nulling Interferometer with Dynamic Correction of External Perturbations
Sophie Jacquinod, IAS

Optical Characterization of Infrared Telluride Glass Fibers Space Use
A.J. Faber, TNO Science and Industry

Demonstrating Improved Fibre Coupling Efficiency by Loss-Less Shaping of Top-Hat Receive Beams
Christoph Voland, Oerlikon Space AG

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Session 10 - X-Ray

Invited Paper
Simbol-X: a Distributed Hard X Ray Optics
Gianpiero Tagliaferri, INAF Italia

Caliste 64, first Prototype of Elementary Camera for the High Energy Detector of Simbol-X Mission
A. Penquer, CNES

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Session 11 - LISA

Invited paper
LISA and LISA Pathfinder: Laser Interferometry in Space
K. Danzmann, A.Einstein Institut Hannover

Opto-Mechanical Architecture of the LISA Instrument
Dennis Weise, EADS Astrium GmbH

A High Sensitivity Heterodyne Interferometer as a possible optical readout for the LISA Gravitational Reference Sensor and its Application to Technology Verification
Martin Gohlke, EADS Astrium GmbH

Laser Modulator for LISA Pathfinder
Christoph Voland, Oerlikon Space AG

Molecular Laser Stabilization for LISA
H. Halloin, University of Paris

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Session 12 - Fiber Optics Communication

High-Speed ADC and DAC Modules with Fibre Optic Interconnects for Telecom Satellites
Veli Heikkinen, VTT

Optoelectronic Link for Optical Satellite Harnessing Substitution in Space Communications
Julian Blasco, DAS Photonics

A 10Gbps Optical Burst Switching Network Incorporating Ultra-Fast (5ns) Wavelenght Switched Tunable Laser Sources
Neil Ryan, Intune Networks

Assessment of Commercial Optical Amplifiers for Potential Use in Space Applications
Juan Barbero, Alter Technology Group Spain

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Session 13 - Fiber / Free Space Optic

Invited Paper
The Optical Fiber Array Bundle Assemblies for the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter; Evaluation Lessons Learned for Flight Implementation from the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program
Melanie N. Ott, NASA

Optical Communications between an Aircraft & a Geo Relay Satellite: Design & Flight Results of the LOLA Demonstrator
L. Vaillon, EADS Astrium Satellites

Photonic Beamforming Network for Multibeam Satellite-on-Board Phased-Array Anthennas
M.A. Piquenas, DAS Photonics

Optical Wireless Intra-Spacecraft Communications
Héctor Guerrero, INTA

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Session 14 - Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber-Optic Sensor Demonstrator (FSD) Integration with PROBA-2
Roman V. Kruzelecky, MPB Communication Inc

Fiber Optic Sensing for Telecommunication Satellites
Thomas Zeh, Kayser-Threde GmbH

Fibre Optic Sensor Interrogation System for the Ariane Launcher Based on an Electro-Optically Tuneable Laser Diode
Markus Plattner

Multi-Parameter Fibre Bragg Grating Sensor-Array for Thermal Vaccum Cycling Test
Lun Cheng, TNO Science and Industry

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Session 15 - Lidars

Invited paper
Lidar Technology Developments in Support of ESA Earth Observation Missions
Yannig Durand, European Space Agenc

Design and Development of the Backscatter Lidar Atlid for Eathcare
Lenaic Le Hors, EADS Astrium

The On-Orbit Performance of the CALIOP Lidar on CALIPSO
William Hunt, NASA Langley Research Center

Development & Evaluation of a High Sensitivity Dial System for Profiling Atmospheric CO2
S. Ismail, NASA Langley Research Center

The Development of CO2 Dial for the Calibration & Validation of Gosat Data
Masakatsu Nakajima, JAXA

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Session 16 - Lidars and Lasers

"Investigation of Laser Induced Deposit Formation Under Space Conditions
H. Schroeder, German Aerospace Center

Chemcam on MSL2009: First Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometer for Space Science
Muriel Saccoccio, CNES

Conduction Cooled Compact Laser for Chemcam Instrument
B. Faure, CNES

Frequency-Stable Seed Laser for the Aeolus Mission
Hanno Scheife, Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co.KG

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Session 17 - Lasers

Invited Paper
High-Energy, 2µm Laser Transmitter for Coherent Wind Lidar
Upendra N. Singh, NASA Langley Research Center

Highly-Efficient, Frequency-Tripled ND: Yag Laser for Spaceborne Lidars
R. Treichel, EADS Astrium GmbH

Quantum Cascade Lasers as Metrological Tools for Space Optics
S. Bartalini, INOA

Single Frequency Free-Running Low Noise Compact Extended-Cavity Semiconductor Laser at High Power Level
A Garnache, CNRS

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Session 18 - Instruments and Metrology

Invited paper
Challenges in the Optical System of GAIA
Rudolf S. Le Poole, Leiden Observatory

A Novel Optical Design for the Stereo Channel of the Imaging System Simbiosys for the Bepi Colombo ESA Mission
Vania Da Deppo, CNR-INFM Luxor

Absolute Distance Measurements Using Two Mode Laser Telemetry
Michel Lintz, CNRS

Laser Metrology for a Next Generation Gravimetric Mission
Stefano Cesare, Thales Alenia Space Italia

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Session 19 - Optical Components

High Stability Hollow Cube Corner
J.J. Ferme, SESO

Coupled Thermo-Elastic & Optical Performance Analyses of a Reflective Baffle for the Bepi Colombo Laser Altimeter (Bela) Receiver
E. Rugi Grond, Oerlikon Space AG

Innovative Lighwtweight Substrate for Stable Optical Benches & Mirrors
Elisabetta Rugi Grond & Andreas Herren, Oerlikon Space AG

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Session 20 - Spectrometers

Invited Paper
Sentinel 4 the Geostationary Component of the GMES Atmosphere Monitoring Missions
G. Bazalgette Courreges, LACOSTE, ESTEC

From Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) to Tropospheric Ozone Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI)
Marcel Dobber, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Guided-Wave High-Performance Spectrometers for the MEOS Miniature Earth Observation Satellite
Roman V. Kruzelecky, MPB Communication Inc

Greenhouse Gases Observation from Space -Overview of Tanso and Gosat
Takashi Hamazaki, JAXA

IASI Instrument Onboard METOP-A: Lessons Learned after almost two years in Orbit
Laurence Buffet, CNES

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Session 21 - Spectrometers

Instrument Concept & Preliminary Performances of SIFTI: Static Infrared Fourier Transform Interferometer
P. Hebert, CNES

Optical Analysis and Performance Verification on Aladin Spectrometers
L. Francou, Oerlikon Space

COMPAQS - A Compact Concentric UV/Visible Spectrometer, Providing a New Tool for Air Quality Monitoring from Space
D. Lobb, University of Leicester & Dan LOBB, SSTL

ALISEO on MIOSAT: an Imaging Interferometer for Earth Observation
D. Guzzi, CNR-IFAC

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Session 22 - Spectrometers

Imaging Spectrometers Developments in Italian Space Agency
V. De Cosmo, ASI

Performance Analysis for Hyper Spectral Signal Detection of Compact Imaging Spectrometers for STSAT3 Satellite
K.I. Kang, Satellite Tech Research Center, KAIST

Development of TMA-based Imaging System for Hyperspectral Application
Young-Wan Choi, Satrec Initiative

Programmable Spectrometer using MOEMS Devices for Space Applications
Christophe Buisset, Thales Alenia Space

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Session 23 - Spectrometers

Micromega: a New Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Microscope for in Situ Analysis
Vaitua Leroi, Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale

JWST-MIRI Spectrometer Main Optics Design and Mait Results
Ramon Navarro, NOVA-ASTRON

A Variable-Tune Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer for Broadband Spectral Line Studies in the Visible and Near-UV
Walter M. Harris, University of California-Davis

An Integral Field Spectrograph for SNAP
Eric Pietro, CNRS/INSU/LAM

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Session 24 - Spectrometers

Probing of Hermean Exosphere by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy: Preliminary Calibration Results of an Ultraviolet Spectrometer
Nicolas Rouanet, CNRS Service d'Aéronomie

The Spectropolarometer for Planetary Exploration - SPEX
Erik Laan, TNO Science & Industry

Combined Raman Libs Spectrometer Elegant Breadboard - Built & Tested - And Flight Model Spectrometer
B. Ahlers, TNO Science & Industry

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Session 25 - Cold Atoms

Invited Paper
Microwave and Optical Cold Atom Clocks for Space Applications
Pierre Lemonde, LNE-SYRTE

Reaching a few 10-13τ-1/2 Stability Level with a Compact Cold Atom Clock
David Holleville, SYRTE

Compact & Robust Single-Frequency Diode-Pumped Vecsel at the Cesium D2 Line for Atomic Clocks
Gaelle Lucas-Leclin, CNRS, Laboratoire Charles Fabry

Invited Paper
Testing the Universality of Free Fall in Freely-Falling Two-Species Atom Interferometer: The I.C.E. Project
A. Landragin, SYRTE

Compact & Robust Laser System for Atomic Interferometry in Space
A. Bresson, ONERA

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Session 26 - Manufacturing and Control

Polishing, Coating & Integration of SiC Mirrors for Space Telescopes
J. Rodolfo, SAGEM Défense Sécurité

Manufacturing and Control of the Aspherical Mirrors for the Telescope of the Satellite Pleiades
J.-J. Ferme, SESO

Thermal / Vacuum Measurements of the Herschel Space Telescope by Close-Range Photogrammetry
Matteo Appolloni, ESA

Characterization & Cleaning Control of Optical Coatings by Using Goniometric Light Scatter Instrument with Sample Imaging Ability
Myriam Zerrad, Institut FRESNEL

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Session 27 - Optical Filters

Technological Development of Spectral Filters for Sentinel-2
Karin Schroter, Jena-Optronik GmbH

Narrow-Band Filters for Ocean Colour Imager
Hélène Krol, CILAS

Mechanical Design & Qualification of IR Filter Mounts & Filter Wheel of INSAT-3D Sounder for low Temperature
A.P. Vora, Indian Space Research Organization

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Session 28 - Detectors & Electronics

Invited paper
Status of AIGaN based Focal Plane Array for near UV Imaging & Strategy to extend this Technology to Far-UV by Substrate Removal
Jean-Luc Reverchon, Thales Research and Technology

Development of an EMCCD for Lidar Applications
Bertrand de Monte, E2V

Evaluation of an Innovative Color Sensor for Space Application
Virginie Cessa, Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration

Ionizing Doses and Displacement Damage Testing of COTS CMOS Imagers
Michel Breart De Boisanger, EADS Astrium

Enhanced Broadband (11-15�M) QWIP FPAs for Space Applications
Frédéric Bernard, CNES

Enhanced Infrared Broadband (11-15µM) QWIP FPAs for Space Applications
Alexandru Nedelcu, Alcatel-Thales

Download Session 29 presentations
Session 29 - Detectors & Electronics

Use of COTS Uncooled Microbolometer for the Observation of the Solar Eruptions in far Infrared
Bertrand Le Ruyet, LESIA

Radiometric Packaging of Uncooled Bolometric Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
François Chateauneuf, INO

From SED HI Concept to Pleiades FM Detection Unit Measurements
M. Oudinot, Thales Alenia Space

Design of a Hihgly Integrated Video Acquisition Module for Smart Video Flight Unit Development
Vincent Lebre, Thales Alenia Space

Download Session 30 presentations
Session 30 - Space Science Imagers

Development of the Science Instrument CLUPI: the CLose-UP Imager on Board the Exomars Rover
Virginie Cessa, Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration

Instrument Design and On-Orbit Performance of the Solar Optical Telescope aboard Hinode (SOLAR-B)
Yoshinori Suematsu, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Thermal Infrared Spectrometer MERTIS for the Bepi Columbo Mission to Mercury
Dr Thomas Zeh, Kayser-Threde GmbH

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