ICSO - 6th International Conference on Space Optics
27 - 30 June 2006
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Programme Committee

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Plenary Sessions

The ADM-Aeolus Mission
M. Endemann, ESTEC/ESA

Pegase: A Free Flying Interferometer for the Spectroscopy of Giant Exo-Planets
J.M. Le Duigou, CNES; et al.

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Session 1 - LIDAR-ALADIN

ALADIN, the first Wind Lidar in Space: Development Status
D. Morancais et al., EADS Astrium

Design, Manufacturing, Integration and Testing of ALADIN Rayleigh and Mie Spectrometers Flight Models
E. Rugi Grond, Contraves Space AG

Laser-induced Damage Testing of Optics for the ALADIN Laser
E. Reinhold, ESA/ESTEC

Selected Technologies for Integration of the ALADIN Transmit-Receive Optics (TRO)
H. Bittner, Kayser-Threde GmbH; et al.

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Session 2 - Earth Observation Missions

Meteosat Third Generation: Preliminary Imagery and Sounding Mission Concepts and Performances
D. Aminou, ESA/ESTEC; et al.

Optics for the Canadian Hyperspectral Mission (HERO)
M. Maszkiewicz, CSA; et al.

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Session 3 - Aperture Synthesis

An Interferometer for High-Resolution Optical Surveillance from Geostationary Orbit
L. Bonino, Alcatel Alenia Space Italia; et al.

Optical Synthetic Aperture: Limitations and Interest for the Earth Observation
L. Brouard, EADS Astrium SAS; et al.

Synthetic Aperture Co-phasing and Co-alignment using an External Reference Source
S. Roose et al., University of Liege

High Resolution Earth Observation from Geostationary Orbit by Optical Aperture Synthesis
M. Mesrine, Alcatel Alenia Space, France; et al.

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Session 4 - LIDAR Technologies

High Energy, Single Frequency, Tunable Laser Source Operating in Burst Mode for Space-based
Lidar Applications
A. Cosentino et al., Galileo Avionica

Surface Detection Performance Evaluation of Pseudo-Random Noise Continuous Wave Laser Radar
V. Mitev, Observatoire de Neuchatel

An Ultra-Lightweight, Large Aperture, Deployable Telescope for Advanced Lidar Applications
P. Mazzinghi, INOA; et al.

High Performances Frequency-Stabilized Semiconductor Laser Metrology Sources for Space-borne Spectrometers
C. Latrasse et al., TeroXion

Novel Concept for a 0.5-J Laser Pump Source with High Electro-Optical Efficiency
K. Albers & U. Wittrock, Munster University of Applied Sciences

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Session 5 - Darwin

Search for Extraterrestrial Planets: The Darwin Mission
L. D’Arcio et al., ESA/ESTEC

Darwin System Concepts
O. Wallner et al., EADS Astrium GmbH

The Darwin Breadboard Cryogenic Optical Delay Line
T.C. van den Dool, TNO Science and Industry; et al.

Technological Aspects and Results from the Darwin Fringe Sensor Predevelopment
H. Thiele, Kayser-Threde GmbH; et al.

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Session 6 - Gaia

Towards a Laboratory Breadboard for PEGASE, the Darwin Pathfinder
F. Cassaing, ONERA; et al.

Gaia Payload Module Description
P. Charvet, EADS-Astrium; et al.

Laser Metrology and Optic Active Control System for Gaia
F. D’Angelo, Alcatel Alenia Space-Italia; et al.

The HSOB Gaia: A Cryogenic High Stability Cesic Optical Bench for Missions Requiring
Sub-nanometric Optical Stability
P. Courteau, AAS; et al.

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Session 7 - LISA

Novel Payload Architectures for LISA
U.A. Johann, EADS Astrium GmbH; et al.

Optical Metrology Subsystem of the LISA Gravitational Wave Detector
D. Weise et al., EADS Astrium GmBH

Drag-Free Deep-Space Laser Ranging Missions for Fundamental Physics
H. Dittus, ZARM, University of Bremen; et al.

Science, Technology and Mission Design for LATOR Experiment
S.G. Turyshev, JTP: et al.

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Session 8 - XEUS and Other Space Missions

ESA Study of XEUS, A Potential Follow-on to XMM-Newton
N. Rando et al., ESA/ESTEC

Design of an X-ray Telescope Optics for XEUS
R. Graue, Kayser-Threde; et al.

X-ray Pore Optic Developments
K. Wallace, ESA/ESTEC; et al.

ESA Study of a Wide Field Imager for Supernovae Surveys and Dark Energy Characterization
P. Gondoin, ESA/ESTEC; et al.

Design of a Grazing Incidence EUV Imaging Spectrometer for the Solar Orbiter ESA Mission
V. Da Deppo & L. Poletto, CNR-INFM Luxor

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Session 9 - Science Metrology

Laser Range Finder (LRF) and Fan Beam Sensor (FBS) for Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa – Development and On orbit Evaluation
T.S. Sakashita, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems

LIDAR onboard Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa
K. Tsuno, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems. Ltd.; et al.

Demonstrator Study for Micro-Ranging-Laser Device
H. Henkel, von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH; et al.

Evolution of the MOUSE II Fine Longitudinal Sensor towards a Qualification Model for PEGASE Mission
A. Poupinet, SAGEIS-CSO; et al.

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Session 10 - Science Metrology/Telescopes-1

High Accuracy Absolute Distance Metrology
B.L. Swinkels, Delft Univ. Technology; et al.

Laser Metrology for High Stability Optical Bench Characterization
A. Poupinet, SAGEIS-CSO; et al.

The 3.5m Herschel Telescope Development and Testing
Y. Toulemont, EADS Astrium

T.V. Viard, Alcatel Alenia Space; et al.

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Session 11 - Telescopes-2

Large Aluminium Convex Mirror for the Cryo-Optical Test of the Planck Primary Reflector
P. Gloesener, AMOS S.A.; et al.

Highly Accurate Photogrammetric Measurements of the Planck Reflectors
J. Amiri Parian, ETH Zurich; et al.

Reflective Baffle for BepiColombo Mission
E. Rugi Grond, Contraves Space AG; et al.

Cesic – A New Technology for Lightweight and Cost Effective Space Instruments Structures and
C. Devilliers, Alcatel Alenia Space, France & M. Kroedel, ECM

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Session 12 - Telescopes-3

NTSIC (New Technology SiC): The Progress of Recent Two Years
K. Tsuno, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems Ltd; et al.

Highly Light-Weighted ZERODUR Mirror and Fixation for Cryogenic Applications
S. Behar-Lafenetre, Alcatel Alenia Space; et al.

A Tape-Spring Hexapod for Deployable Telescopes: Dynamics
L. Blanchard, Alcatel Alenia Space; et al.

Lobster: New Space X-ray Telescopes
R. Hudec, Astronomical Institute Ondrejov; et al.

Simulation of Reflecting Surface Deviations of Centimeter-Band Parabolic Space Radiotelescope
(SRT) with the Large-size Mirror
A. Kotik, Astro-space Center of Physical Institute N.M. Lebedev; et al.

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Session 13 - Lasers-1

All-Fiber-Coupled, Master Oscillator Fiber Power Amplifier Based Laser Assembly for the LISA Gravitational Wave Detector
D. Weise, EADS Astrium GmbH; et al.

New 808nm High Power Laser Diode Pump Module for Space Applications
T. Schwander, Tesat Spacecom GmbH & Co, KG; et al.

Conduction Cooled Compact Laser for the ChemCam Instrument
E. Durand, THALES LASER; et al.

Self-adaptive Nd:YAG Laser Resonators for LIDAR Applications
A. Brignon, THALES Research & Technology

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Session 14 - Lasers-2

High Stabillity Lasers for LIDAR and Remote Sensing
F. Heine et al., Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG

Laser Frequency Stabilisation for Space Applications
L.Mondin, CNES; et al.

Frequency-Stabilised Laser Reference System for Trace-Gas Sensing Applications from Space
R. Matthey, Observatoire de Neuchatel; et al.

Mixed Garnet Laser for a Water Vapour DIAL
R. Treichel, EADS Astrium GmbH; et al.

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Session 15 - Cameras

Design and Performance of the Lightning Imager for the Meteosat Third Generation
L. Tommasi et al., Galileo Avionica

From MSG-SEVIRI to Meteosat Third Generation Optical Instruments
F. Pasternak, EADS Astrium SAS

SmartScan – A Robust Pushbroom Imaging Concept for Moderate Spacecraft Attitude Stability
K. Janschek, T.U. Dresden; et al.

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Session 16 - Detectors

Space Optical Instruments Design Optimisation Thanks to CMOS Image Sensor Technology
O. Saint-Pé, EADS Astrium; et al.

Experience Feedback on CCD Detectors in Orbit: Focus on In-flight Degradation of Several Cases
of Performances
A. Penquer, CNES; et al.

Preliminary Performances Measured on a CMOS Long Linear Array for Space Application
C. Renard, Alcatel Alenia Space; et al.

Backthinned TDI CCD Image Sensor Design and Performances for the Pleiades High Resolution
Earth Observation Satellites
A. Materne, CNES; et al.

Focal Plane AIT Sequence: Evolution from HRG-Spot 5 to Pleiades HR

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Session 17 - Science Instrumentation-1

Invited Paper
Vibration Insensitive Interferometry
J. Millerd, 4D Technology Corp.; et al.

Design and Manufacturing Methods for the Integral Field Unit of the NIRSpec Instrument on JWST
D. Lobb, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd & D. Robertson, NetPark Research Inst.

Preliminary Optical Design of the Stereo Channel of the Imaging System SIMBIOSYS for the
BepiColombo ESA Mission
V. Da Deppo, CNR-INFM Luxor; et al.

Probing the Hermean Exosphere by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy (PHEBUS): Optical Simulation of an
Ultraviolet Spectrometer
N. Rouanet, CNRS; et al.

Raman Technology for future Planetary Missions
H. Thiele, Kayser-Threde GmBH; et al.

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Session 18 - Science Instrumentation-2

Combined Raman Spectrometer/Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectrometer Design Concept
G. Bazalgette Courrèges-Lacoste, TNO Science and Technology; et al.

Multi-aperture Instantaneous Interferometric Imaging of Extended and Moving Objects by Phase Optimized Spatial Filtering
L. Dame, CNRS

On the Development Status of High Performance Silicon Pore Optics for Future X-ray Telescopes
S. Kraft, cosine Research B.V.; et al.

Preliminary Optical Design of the Coronagraph for the ASPIICS Formation Flying Mission
S. Vives, Lab. d’Astrophysique de Marseille; et al.

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Session 19 - Spectrometers for Earth Observation-1

EOS-Aura Ozone Monitoring Instrument: Scientific Results of Nearly Two Years Successful
Operation and In-Flight Calibration and Performance
M. Dobber et al., KNMI

Imaging Spectrometers for Atmosphere Monitoring
T. Reinert, EADS Astrium GmbH; et al.

MIBS Breadboard Ready for Testing
J.A.P. Leijtens et al., TNO

Wedge Filter Imaging Spectrometer
A. Semery, Observatoire de Paris; et al.

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Session 20 - Spectrometers for Earth Observation-2

A Comparative Analysis at Engineering Level of Dispersive and Fourier Transform Spectrometers
for MTG Atmospheric Sounding Applications
M. Quatrevalet, RHEA System S.A. at ESA/ESTEC; et al.

First Characterization of a Static Fourier Transform Spectrometer Breadboard
A. Lacan, CNES; et al.

Progress in Static Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: Assessment of SIFTI Preliminary Performances
P. Hébert, CNES; et al.

In-Flight Calibration of the Ozone Monitoring Instrument
R. Dirksen et al., KNMI

A Space-Qualifiable Solid-State Phase Conjugate Mirror for Correction of Laser Aberrations
A. Brignon, Thales Research & Technology

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Session 21 - Free Space Optical Communications

Invited Paper
The OICETS Missions
T. Jono & A. Katsuyoshi, JAXA

LOLA: A 40000 km Optical Link between an Aircraft and a Geostationary Satellite
V. Cazaubiel et al., EADS Astrium

Coherent Optical Array Receiver for PPM Signals in the Presence of Atmospheric Turbulence
M. Munuz, JPL

Applications of Quantum Entanglement on a ISS-Spaceplatform
R.Ursin, Institute for Experimental Physics, Univ. of Vienna; et al.

QIPS – Quantum Information and Quantum Physics in Space
T. Schmitt-Manderbach, Max-Planck Institut fuer Quantenoptik; et al.

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Session 22 - Fibre Communications

Evaluation and Qualification of Commercial Opto-Electronic Components for the MOHA Subsystem in ESA’s SMOS Mission
F. Gutiérrez, Tecnologica C.E. S.A.

A Flexible Telecom Satellite Repeater based on Microwave Photonic Technologies
M. Sotom et al., Alcatel Alenia Space

SPACEFIBRE – High Speed Fibre Optic Links for Future Space Flight Missions
J. Toivonen, Patria Advanced Solutions

WDM Based Multigigabit Optical Backplane for On-board Applications
E. Grivas, NCSR ‘Demokritos’; et al.

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Session 23 - Fibre Signal Processing and Sensing

Optical Beam Forming for Large Antenna Arrays based on Dispersive and Non-dispersive True-Time Delays
B. Vidal, U.P. Valencia; et al.

Fiber-Optic Sensor Demonstrator (FSD) for the Monitoring of Spacecraft Subsystems on ESA’s
R.V. Kruzelecky, MPB; et al.

Vega Interstage Strain Measurements: Comparison between Conventional Strain Gauges and
Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors
L.K. Cheng & B. Ahlers, TNO

Feasibility Study on Measuring Axial and Transverse Stress/Strain Components in Composite
Materials using Bragg Sensors
G. Luyckx et al., University of Ghent

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Session 24 - Infrared Fibre Optics in Darwin

Manufacturing of Chalcogenide and Silver-Halide Single-Mode Fibres for Modal Wavefront
Filtering for Darwin
R. Flatscher, EADS Astrium GmBH; et al.

Single Mode Chalcogenide Glass Fiber as Wavefront Filter for the Darwin Planet Finding Mission
A.J. Faber, TNO Science and Industry, et al.

Infrared Fibers in the 1.5 μm to 18 μm Range: Availability and Measured Properties
R. Felkel & W. Leeb, TU Wien

Multi-Axial Interferometry: Demonstration of Deep Nulling
C. Buisset, Obs. De la Cote d’Azur and AAS; et al.

A Microstructured Wavefront Filter for the Darwin Nulling Interferometer
J.C Flanagan, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Univ. Southampton; et al.

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Session 25 - Qualification and Radiation

Invited Paper
Herschel/Planck and Gaia Mission Challenges
R. Schmidt, ESTEC/ESA

Engineering Tool for the Qualification of Optical Coatings
M. Davi, SESO; et al.

Radiation Hardness Assessment of Optical Materials for Use in Space Optical Systems
A. Goussarov, SCK-CEN

Performance of Optical Fibers in Space Radiation Environment
M. Alam et al., Nufern

Radiation Hardness Assessment of Widely Tunable and DFB Lasers
M. Todd & T. Farrell, Intune

Effects of Gamma Radiation on Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLEDs) for Fibre Optic Gyroscope Applications
L. Occhi, EXALOS AG; et al.

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Session 26 - Generic Technologies

MOEMS Devices for Future Astronomical Instrumentation in Space
F. Zamkotsian, Lab. de Astrophysiques de Marseille; et al.

Variable Optical Filters for Earth-Observation Imaging Minispectrometers
A. Piegari, ENEA Optical Coatings Group; et al.

Reduction of Low Frequency Error for SED36 and APS based HYDRA Star Trackers
J. Ouaknine, EADS-SODERN; et al.

Study of a Direct Visualization Display Tool for Space Applications
J. Pereira do Carmo, ESA/ESTEC; et al.

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Session 27 - Atomic Clocks-1

Optical Clocks in Space
S. Schiller, Heinrich-Heine University Dusseldorf

Neutral Atom Optical Frequency Standards at PTB
F. Riehle et al., PTB

Trapped Strontium Ion Optical Clock
G.P. Barwood, National Physical Lab.; et al.

Optical Frequency Standard with Ultra-cold Strontium Atoms for Earth and Space Applications
N. Poli, LENS, University of Florence

Recent Results of the Pulsed Optically Pumped Clock
F. Levi et al., INRIM

Gas-Cell Atomic Clocks for Space: New Results and Alternative Schemes
C. Affolderbach et al., Observatoire de Neuchatel

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Session 28 - Atomic Clocks-2

Trapped Ultracold Molecular Ions: Candidates for an Optical Molecular Clock for a Fundamental Physics Mission in Space
B. Roth et al., Institut fur Experimentalphysik

Comb-Referenced Ultra-High Sensitivity Spectroscopic Molecular Detection by Compact
Non-Llinear Sources
P. Cancio, CNR-Istituto di Ottica Applicata; et al.

PHARAO LASER Desing and Performances

I.C.E.: A Transportable Atomic Inertial Sensor for Test in Microgravity
R.A. Nyman, Lab. Charles Fabry de l’Institut d’Optique; et al.

Poster Papers

Download poster presentations Earth Observation
Earth Observation

High Resolution Measurements of Solar Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence in the Fraunhofer Oxygen Bands
M. Mazzoni, IFAC-CNR; et al.

First Results from the TOPSAT Camera
P.J. Greenway, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Numerical Line of Sight Stabilisation for High Resolution Earth Observation from High Orbits
P. Blanc & G. Monroig, Alcatel Alenia Space

An Interferometer for High-Resolution Optical Surveillance from GEO – Space System Study
L. Bonino, AAS Italia; et al.

An Interferometer for High-Resolution Optical Surveillance from GEO – Internal Metrology
L. Bonino, AAS Italia; et al.

Model of the Lines of Sight for an Off-Axis Optical Instrument Pleiades
D. Sauvage, AAS; et al.

Metal Mirror TMA Telescopes of the JSS Product Line: From Design to Results
St. Kirschstein, Jena-Optronik GmbH

Dynamic MTF, an Innovative Test Bench for Detector Characterization
E. Rossi et al., AAS

Download poster presentations LIDARS

A Novel Spaceborne Lidar Calibration Technique: The Multi-Calibration Lidar Experiment
J.C. Antuña, Camaguey Meteorological Center, Cuba

Investigation of UV Laser Induced Depositions on Optics under Space Conditions in Presence of Outgassing Materials
H. Schroeder, DLR, Institute of Technical Physics; et al.

Diode-Pumped Nd:mixed-garnet Laser with Emission at 943 nm for Water Vapor Dial
E. Nava et al., CESI

Developments of Capacitance Stabilised Etalon Technology
R.A. Bond, ABSL; et al.

Equipment for Functional Testing of the ALADIN TXA Pulsed Laser Head
E. Stucchi et al., CESI SpA

DFB Lasers at Wavelengths in Excess of 2300 nm for Remote Gas Sensing
J. Koeth et al., nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH

Development and Verification of a High-Performance CFRP Structure for the Space-Borne
A. Kaiser, Kayser-Threde GmbH; et al.

Download poster presentations Space Science
Space Science


Dobson Space Telescope – Development of an Optical Payload of the Next Generation
T. Segert et al., TU Berlin

Large Aperture and Wide Field of View Space Telescope for the Detection of Ultra High Energy
Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos
P. Mazzinghi, INOA-CNR

Off-axis Mirror Manufacturing
C. Du Jeu, SESO


Field Distribution in the Input Coupling Region of Planar Single-Mode Waveguides
W. Klaus, NICT & W. Leeb, TU Wien

Improving the Fiber Coupling Efficiency for Darwin by Loss-Less Shaping of the Receive Beams
Ch. Voland, Contraves Space AG; et al.

Three-Dimensional Electric Field Analysis in a Multi-Axial Beam Combiner for Nulling Interferometry
J. Spronck et al., TU Delft

Sun and X-ray Missions

Multilayer Coatings for Multiband Spectral Observations
S. Zuccon, Uni. di Padova; et al.

LYRA, Solar UV Radiometer on the Technology Demonstration Platform Proba-2
Y. Stockman, CSL; et al.

Novel Technologies for Space X-ray Optics
R. Hudec, Astronomical Institute Ondrejov; et al.

Other Technologies

Imager Slicer Activities in LAM
E. Prieto, LAM

A Heterodyne Interferometer for High Resolution Translation and Tilt Measurement
as Optical Readout for the LISA Inertial Sensor
T. Schuldt, EADS-Astrium GmbH; et al.

Download poster presentations Generic Technologies
Generic Technologies


High-Power Al-Free Active Region (􀀁= 852nm) DFB Laser Diodes for Atomic Clocks and Interferometry Applications
V. Ligeret, Alcatel-Thales III-V Lab.; et al.

A Novel Cavity Control Technique for the Stabilization of a Burst, Pulsed Laser
F. Trespidi et al., CESI SpA

Fast Tunable Blazed MEMS Grating for External Cavity Lasers
M. Tormen, CSEM; et al.


Single Crystal Diamond Detectors for Space Applications
A. De Sio, University of Firenze

Advanced Optical Systems for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Detection
L. Gambicorti, University of Firenze; et al.

Micro Optical Sensor Systems for Sunsensing Applications
J.A.P. Leijtens & K. de Boom, TNO Science & Industry

Development of a Real-Time Reflectance and Transmittance Monitoring System for the Manufacturing of Metal-Dielectric Light Absorbers
B. Badoil et al., Domain Universitaire de Saint Jerome

Free Space Optical Communications

Two Mode Optical Fiber in Space Optics Communications
M. Hampl, TU Brno

Beam Shaping and Gain of Optical Antennas
P. Krivak, TU Brno

Conditions for the Optical Wireless Link Bit Error Ratio Determination
R. Kvicala, TU Brno

Description of Quantum States using in Free Space Optic Communication
P. Kucera, TU Brno

Optical Waveguide Communications and Sensors

Multimode Polymer Waveguides for High-Speed Optical Interconnects
N. Bamiedakis, University of Cambridge, UK; et al.

Laser Interrogation Techniques for High-Sensitivity Strain Sensing by Fiber-Bragg-Grating Structures
G. Gagliardi et al., CNR-Istituto di Ottica Applicata


The ACES Mission: Scientific Objectives and Present Status
L. Cacciapuoti, ESA/ESTEC; et al.

Performance Demonstration of a Single-Frequency Optically-Pumped Cesium Beam Frequency
Standard for Space Applications
S. Lecomte, Observatoire de Neuchatel

Other Technologies

Enhancement of Diffusers BRDF Accuracy
G. Otter et al., TNO Science & Industry

Optical Interferometry Techniques for High-resolution Characterization and Diagnostic of New
Materials and Components
P. De Natale, CNR, INOA

Holographic Microscope Able to Generate an Image with Extended Focus without Mechanical
P. Ferraro, CNR INOA; et al.

Ultra Fine Measurement of the Effect of a Vacuum Exposure on the Central Wavelength of
Narrow-Bandpass Interference Filters Manufactured by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering
J. Floriot et al., Institut Fresnel, Domaine Universitaire Saint Jerome

Hollow Waveguide Hybrid Integration Technology for Micro-optical Systems
R.M. Jenkins, QinetiQ

DECLIC: Design, Integration and Testing of a Multi Configurable Instrument using Optical
Diagnostics to Study Directional Solidification and Critical Fluids
A. Durieux, EADS-SODERN; et al.

Integrating Opto-Thermo-Mechanical Design Tools: Open Engineering’s Project Presentation
P. De Vicenzo & I. Klapka, Open Engineering

Stripe Filter Technology for Multispectral Science and Earth Observation
R. Geyl, Sagem Defence Securite

Precision Lightweight Optics for Science and Earth Observation from space
R. Geyl, Sagem Defence Securite

OCAPI: A Multidirectional Multichannel Polarizing Imager
C. Le Naour, CNES; et al.

Nanotechnology in Lithium Niobate for Integrated Optic Frequency Conversion in the UV
A.C. Busacca, Un. di Palermo; et al.

Optical Wireless Intra-Spacecraft Communications
H. Guerrero, INTA; et al

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