ICSO - 5th International Conference on Space Optics
30 March - 2 April 2004
Toulouse, France


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Session 1 - Optical instruments for Earth / planet surface and atmosphere observation
Chairs: Errico Armandillo (ESA, The Netherlands), Christian Chlebek (DLR,
Germany), Mike Cutter (Sira Electro-Optics Ltd, UK), Pierre Hollier (Astrium,
France), Marie-Jo Lefevre (SFPT, France), Benoit Boissin (CNES, France)
Co-chairs: Ulrich Johann (Astrium, Germany), Josiane Costeraste (CNES, France),
Roland Meynart (ESA, The Netherlands), Mike Cutter (Sira Electro-Optics Ltd, UK),
Andrea Mariani (Galileo Avionica, Italy), Kees Smorenburg (TNO, The Netherlands)

Invited Paper
Lidar instruments for ESA Earth Observation missions
A. Helière, E. Armandillo et al.

ALADIN: the first European Lidar in space
D. Morancais, F. Fabre et al.

ATLID: ATmospheric LIDar for clouds and aerosol observation combined with radar sounding
T. Pain, P. Martimort et al.

WALES: Water vapour Lidar Experiment in Space
F. Guerin, T. Pain et al.

Concept & design of the backscatter Lidar for EarthCARE
L. Le Hors, C. Wührer and A. Héliere

Design of the Compact High-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (CHRIS), and future developments
M. Cutter and D. Lobb

IASI instrument: technical description and measured performances
P. Hébert, D. Blumstein et al.

Lift, a future atmospheric chemistry sensor
E. Pailharey, F. Chateauneuf and D. Aminou

Miniaturisation of imaging spectrometer for planetary exploration
P. Drossart, A. Semery et al.

Progress report of a static Fourier transform spectrometer breadboard
A. Rosak and F. Tintó

Compact high-resolution echelle-AOTF NIR spectrometer for atmospheric measurements
O.I. Korablev, J-L. Bertaux et al.

Microbolometer spectrometer opens host of new applications
J.A.P. Leijtens, C. Smorenburg et al.

Ozone monitoring instrument flight-model on-ground and in-flight calibration
M. Dobber, R. Dirksen et al.

Ratioing methods for in-flight response calibration of space-based spectro-radiometers, operating
in the Solar spectral region
D. Lobb

Hyperresolution: a hyperspectral and high resolution imager for Earth observation
R. De Vidi, L. Chiarantini and A. Bini

Development of the TopSat camera
P. Greenway, I. Tosh and N. Morris

Low-cost thermal-IR imager for an Earth Observation microsatellite
B.D. Oelrich and C.I. Underwood

POLDER 2 in-flight results and parasol perspectives
F. Bermudo, B. Fougnie and T. Bret Dibat

Medium-sized aperture camera for Earth Observation
E.D. Kim, Y-W. Choi et al.

From SPOT 5 to Pleiades HR: evolution of the instrumental specifications
A. Rosak, C. Latry et al.

Design of the high resolution optical instrument for the PLEIADES HR Earth observation satellites
J-L. Lamard, C. Gaudin-Delrieu et al.

HRS Camera: a development and in-orbit success
G. Planche, C. Massol and L. Maggiori

SEVIRI, the imaging radiometer on Meteosat second generation: in-orbit results and first assessment
P. Coste, F. Pasternak et al.

Design and development of the 2m resolution camera for ROSCAT-2
G. Uguen, P. Luquet et al.

Multiple aperture optical telescopes: some key issues for Earth observation from a GEO orbit
L. Mugnier, F. Cassaing et al.

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Session 1 - Poster Papers

Preliminary calibration results of the wide angle camera of the imaging instrument OSIRIS
for the Rosetta mission
V. Da Deppo, G. Naletto et al.

Conduction-cooled compact laser for the MALIS instrument
E. Durand, D. Decaux et al.

Method of representation of remote sensing data that facilitates visual interpretation
T.A. Sheremetyeva

Miniature high-performance infrared spectrometer for space applications
R.V. Kruzelecky, E. Haddad et al.

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Session 2 - Optical instruments for Space Science and Astronomy
Chairs: Ulrich Johann (Astrium, Germany), Marc Séchaud (Onera, France), Kees
Smorenburg (TNO, The Netherlands), Rodoplhe Krawczyk (Alcatel Space, France)
Co-chairs: Rodolphe Krawczyk (Alcatel Space, France), Marie-Jo Lefevre (SFPT,
France), Marc Séchaud (Onera, France), Pierre Hollier (Astrium, France)

Invited Paper
Search for extraterrestrial planets: the DARWIN mission
L. D’Arcio and A. Karlsson

EADS Astrium Nulling Interferometer Breadboard for DARWIN and GENIE
K. Ergenzinger, R. Flatscher et al.

MAI2 nulling breadboard based on integrated optics: test results
M. Barillot, P. Haguenauer et al.

Nulling interferometry for the Darwin mission: polychromatic laboratory test bench
F. Brachet, A. Labeque et al.

Nulling at TNO TPD – status update
L.L.A. Vosteen, H.J.P. Vink et al.

SPECTRE: a spectro-heliograph for the transition region
G. Naletto, E. Antonucci et al.

SWAP: Sun watcher with a new EUV telescope on a technology demonstration platform
J.-M. Defise, J.-H. Lecat et al.

MIRI spectrometer optical design
B. Kruizinga, H. Visser et al.

JWST: A mid-IR coronagraph for imaging extrasolar planets
A. Boccaletti, P. Riaud et al.

Corot mission: accurate stellar photometry
V. Costes, P. Bosin et al.

Corot telescope development
T. Viard, P. Bodin and A. Magnan

The GAIA payload
F. Safa, P. Charvet and F. Chassat

Telescope system of the Space Infrared Telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics (SPICA) mission
T. Onaka, T. Nakagawa et al.

Comparison of near-field measurements and electromagnetic simulations of the focal plane unit of the Heterodyne instrument for the far-infrared
W. Jellema, R. Huisman et al.

Planck Telescope: optical design and verification
P. Martin, J.-B. Riti and D. de Chambure

PLANCK-HFI: performances of an optical concept for the cosmic microwave background
anisotropies measurement
J. Brossard, V. Yurchenko et al.

The 3,5 m all SiC telescope for Herschel
Y. Toulemont, T. Passvogel et al.

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Session 2 - Poster Papers

EUV imager and spectrometer for LYOT and Solar Orbiter space missions
A. Millard, P. Lemaire and J.-C. Vial

Autonomous star tracker based on active pixel sensors (APS)
U. Schmidt

Delft Testbed Interferometer
P.M. Gori, H. van Brug and R.S. Lepoole

Design and evaluation of ALMA band 9 quasioptical system
A. Baryshev, M. Carter et al.

A 1.3 giga-pixel focal plane for GAIA
A. Laborie, P. Pouny et al.

Solar full field interferometric imaging with three telescopes
L. Damé, S. Cladé and B. Zhao

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Session 3-4 - Optical Instruments for Other Applications
Chairs: Jacques Berthon (CNES, France), Bernard Zappoli (CNES, France), Philippe
Laurent (Observatoire de Paris, France), Errico Armandillo (ESA, The Netherlands),
Roland Meynart (ESA, The Netherlands)
Co-chairs: Bart Snijders (TNO, The Netherlands), Jacques Berthon (CNES, France)

Invited Paper
Inter-satellite optical communications: from SILEX to next generation systems
B. Laurent, G. Planche and C. Michel

SILEX in-orbit performances
G. Planche and V. Chorvalli

Performance analysis and preliminary experimental verification of a coherent optical receiver for PPM signals in the presence of atmospheric turbulence
M. Munoz Fernández and V.A. Vilnrotter

LCTSX: first on-orbit verification of a coherent optical link
T. Schwander, R. Lange et al.

A breadboard of optically-pumped atomic-beam frequency standard for space applications
P. Berthoud, R. Ruffieux et al.

Interferometer for fluid physics experiments in microgravity environment
M. Di Giampietro, R. Bardazzi et al.

The optical diagnostics of DECLIC
D. Laubier, B. Martin and A. Durieux

Digital holographic microscopy for emulsions on the Fluid Science Laboratory
T. Dewandre, F. Dubois et al.

Optical system for the protein crystallisation diagnostics facility (PCDF) of board the ISS
L. Joannes, O. Dupont et al.

The optical diagnostics of the Fluid Science Laboratory
O. Dupont, T. Dewandre et al.

Optical tomograph for the measurement of 3-dimensional refractive index distribution in a liquid
on board the MASER sounding rocket
L. Joannes, O. Dupont and K. Löth

Multiple-aperture optical telescopes: cophasing sensor testbed
B. Sorrente, F. Cassaing et al.

Wide angle astrometric demonstration on the micro-arcsecond metrology testbed
for the space interferometry mission
R. Goullioud, T-P.J. Shen and J.H. Catanzarite

MSTAR: an absolute metrology sensor with sub-micron accuracy for space-based applications
R.D. Peters, O.P. Lay et al.

High-precision optical metrology for Darwin: design and performance
B. Calvel, I. Cabeza et al.

Laser metrology: new generation of MOUSE sensors extends distance and displacement
measurement performances
A. Poupinet, L. Pujol et al.

Progress towards picometer accuracy laser metrology for the space interferometry mission – update
P.G. Halverson, O. Alvarez-Salazar et al.

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Session 3-4 - Poster Papers

New optical technology for cold atom experiments
D. Holleville, N. Dimarcq et al.

Low cost Earth Attitude Sensor
F. Liberati, G. Perrotta and F. Verzegnassi

Comparative accuracy analysis for two types of scanning IR Earth horizon sensors
O. Vetrov, A. Dimitriev and M. Pirogov

Straylight analysis of the external baffle of COROT
J.Y. Plesseria, E. Mazy et al.

Laboratory test of an APS-based Sun sensor prototype
G. Rufino, A. Perrotta and M. Grassi

Absolute distance metrology for space interferometers
B.L. Swinkels, T.J. Wendrich et al.

Ultra-stable optical links for space and ground applications
F. Narbonneau, M. Lours et al.

Signal processing for order 10 PM accuracy displacement metrology in real-world scientific applications
P.G. Halverson and F.M. Loya

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Session 5 - Generic Technology for Space Optics
Chairs: Roland Meynart (ESA, The Netherlands), Christian Chlebek DLR, Germany),
Andrea Mariani (Galileo Avionica, Italy), Pierre Hollier (Astrium, France), Bart
Snijders (TNO, The Netherlands), Jean-Alain Massoni (Alcatel Space, France), Didier
Dantes (Alcatel Space, France), Alain Bardoux (CNES, France)
Co-chairs: Jacques Berthon (CNES, France), Errico Armandillo (ESA, The
Netherlands), Jean-Pierre Cariou (Onera, France), Roland Meynart (ESA, The
Netherlands), Jean-Alain Massoni (Alcatel Space, France), Alain Bardoux (CNES,
France), Kees Smorenburg (TNO, The Netherlands), Andrea Mariani (Galileo
Avionica, Italy)

Multi-gigabit optical interconnects for next-generation on-board digital equipment
N. Venet, H. Favaro et al.

Optical distribution of local oscillators in future telecommunication satellite payloads
B. Bénazet, M. Sotom et al.

Quantum effects in new integrated optical angular velocity sensors
M.N. Armenise, C. Ciminelli et al.

High stability, fast tunable single frequency laser source for space based lidar applications
F. Heine, K. Schiebe et al.

High energy, single frequency, tunable laser source operating in burst mode for
space based lidar applications
A. Cosentino, A. Mondello et al.

Frequency stabilized ND:YAG laser for space applications
T. Schuldt, C. Braxmaier et al.

A compact, frequency stabilized laser head for RB clocks and wavelength references
G. Mileti and C. Affolderbach

PHARAO space atomic clock: new developments on the laser source
M. Saccoccio, J. Loesel et al.

High power pulsed sources based on fibre amplifiers
G. Canat, Y. Jaouen et al.

Mixed Garnet laser crystals for water vapour DIAL transmitter
R. Treichel, C. Czeranowsky et al.

Novel, compact and simple Nd:YVO4 laser with 12 W of CW optical output power
and good beam quality
H. Zimer, B. Langer et al.

Innovative space X-ray telescopes
R. Hudec, A. Innemann et al.

All-SiC telescope technology: recent progress and achievements
J. Breysse, D. Castel et al.

Development of reaction-sintered SiC mirror for space-borne optics
Y.Y. Yui, T. Kimura and Y. Tange

Reaction-sintered silicon carbide: newly developed material for lightweight mirrors
K. Tsuno, H. Irikado et al.

Ion beam figuring of CVD silicon carbide mirrors
P. Gailly, J.-P. Collette et al.

Cryogenic optical testing of SiC mirrors for ASTRO-F and C/SiC composite mirrors for SPICA
H. Kaneda, T. Nakagawa et al.

ELID grinding of SiC ultra-lightweight mirror
H. Eto, Y. Dai et al.

Piezoelectric actuators for active optics
R. Le Letty, F. Barillot et al.

Development of optical ground verification method for micrometer to sub-mm reflectors
Y. Stockman, C. Thizy et al.

A starting point of an integrated optics concept for a space-based interferometer
L. Labadie, P. Kern and I. Schanen

Grism and immersion grating for space telescope
N. Ebizuka, K. Oka et al.

The IASI detector chain
P. Nicol, J. Fleury et al.

Research-grade CMOS image sensors for demanding space applications
O. Saint-Pé, M. Tulet et al.

SEDHI: Development status of the Pléiades detection electronics
D. Dantes, J.-M. Biffi et al.

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Session 5 - Poster Papers

Static and dynamic micro deformable mirror characterization by phase-shifting and time-averaged
A. Liotard and F. Zamkotsian

Development of a 750x750 pixel CMOS imager sensor for tracking applications
F. Larnaudie, N. Guardiola et al.

Where size does matter: foldable telescope design for microsat application
T. Segert, B. Danziger and M. Lieder

Development of the tunable, narrow-band, and frequency stabilised laser heads in Observatoire
Cantonal de Neuchâtel
C. Affolderbach, A. Vuillemin et al.

Linear CCD array TH-7834B performances near 10 Mhz
A. Bardoux and J-J. Quicot

Electrical characterisation of a commercial CCD signal processor
J-M. Biffi and G. Villalon

Ion-plating metal-dielectric coatings for light absorbers
F. Lemarquis, M. Cathelinaud et al.

Laser damage test bench for space optics
W. Riede and P. Allenspacher

Ageing under mechanical stress: first experiments for a silver based multilayer mirror
A. Lalo, G. Ravel et al.

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