Rodriguez, Enrique*1; Gimenez, Pablo1; de Miguel, Ignacio1; Fernandez, Vicente2
1SENER Ingenieria y Sistemas, S.A., SPAIN; 2DEIMOS SPACE S.L.U., SPAIN

A Subsystem Checkout Equipment (SCOE) has been designed to test, verify and validate the entire GNC subsystem of the Intermediate Experimental Vehicle (IXV) in real time.
The GNC SCOE is developed in two versions, both executing GNC software in real time. The first version is intended to perform preliminary verifications on the GNC software by using an advanced delivery version of the On Board Software (OBSW), running in a LEON-2 processor board as a real time target. The second version provides a real time interface with the Avionics RIG and other EGSEs, to interface the IXV hardware both at the Avionics/GNC Test bench and at the IXV PFM. The GNC SCOE executes a Real Time Simulator (RTS) which features a dynamics and kinematic environment model (DKE) and integrates models for GNC units.
In the first version, the GNC units models integrated in the RTS are fully simulated models for the sensors (IMU and GPS) and actuators (FPCS and RCS).
As the RTS is based in a modular architecture, it will be possible to select different configurations by replacing models by others with hardware in the loop interface capabilities. This is the way that the second version of the GNC SCOE is used. It still provides the same simulated models, but they can be replaced by specific ones to allow the GNC SCOE to interface the flight hardware (OBC and POW) as well as the other EGSEs used to stimulate hardware in the loop units (IMU Bench and GPS Spirent) or acquire signals from this hardware.
The IMU can be fully simulated by a software model or introduced in the loop by interfacing the IMU Bench via Reflective Memory. The GPS can be also simulated or stimulated by using the GPS Spirent. The RCS pulses are always acquired by using FCV dummies. Finally the body flap chain simulation model can be used for the FPCS, or a Flap Model can be chosen to allow the EMA/EMACU information (commands and position values) acquisition.