These are the main topics of the workshop, but authors are allowed to submit papers on any other topics they consider relevant in the MULCOPIM area even if they are not mentioned below:

Multipactor breakdown
  • High power RF hardware design
  • Theoretical investigations in the multipactor physics
  • Surface coating and secondary emission: measurements and theory
  • Multicarrier operation 
  • Electron cloud effects
  • Multipactor in particle accelerators

Corona breakdown
  • Pressurization (laser techniques, sealed equipment)
  • Theoretical investigations in the gas discharge physics
  • Multicarrier Corona discharge
  • Ambient microwave discharge

Passive Intermodulation
  • Theoretical investigations in the PIM physics
  • Test beds implementation
  • Hardware design
  • Contact less connectors and flanges
Innovative testing techniques (facilities, detection methods, etc...), simulation and prediction tools, harmonisation and standardisation are also proposed topics in Multipactor, Corona and Passive Intermodulation fields.
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