The symposium will address topics such as:

  • Venus, Earth, and Mars —the first 500 million years
  • Planetary habitability processes: accretion, evolution, impacts, ingredients
  • Evolution of habitability and settings for origins of  life at Earth
  • Earth extreme habitats: natural (surface and subsurface), artificial and sustainable
  • Life support systems in Earth extreme places and in orbit, human spaceflight
  • Making the Moon habitable
  • Mars past, current , and future habitability
  • Asteroid and small body habitats
  • Outer solar system: Sub-surface Habitability at icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Effects of space weather and Astrophysical hazards
  • Planetary protection and measuring extreme biomarkers
  • Stellar, interstellar and interplanetary ingredients for extreme habitability
  • Engineering of travel to and exploration of Extreme Habitable Worlds
  • Finding and Characterising Habitable Exoplanets: Proxima Centauri, Trappist1 and beyond
  • Galactic and Extragalactic Habitability
  • Education, outreach, societal, philosophical & artistic views on "Extreme Habitable Worlds"
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