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A. Dabas


Contribution of French research teams to ADM Cal/Val: ground-based and airborne comparative experiments for optical and wind products 

A. Apituley


Aeolus L2A aerosol and cloud product validation using the European Aerosol Research Lidar Network EARLINET

M. Hardesty


Current Status of the US Calibration/Validation Effort for Aeolus

S. Tucker


The ATHENA-OAWL Doppler Wind lidar instrument

A. Apituley


Aeolus L2A/L2B aerosol, cloud and wind product validation using the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research CESAR

A. Stoffelen


VAAC - Validation of Aeolus by Atmospheric model Comparison

H. Schyberg


MET Norway plans for contribution to calibration-validation and use of Aeolus winds and aerosols

M. Gausa


Airborne and Lidar Validation of ADM Aeolus at ALOMAR (ALIVO ALOMAR)

O. Reitebuch,


Experimental Validation of ADM-Aeolus with the Aladin Airborne Demonstrator (EVA4D)

V. Amirides Presented by I. Stachlewska


Validation of ADM-Aeolus L2 aerosol and cloud product employing advanced ground-based lidar Measurements (VADAM)

X. Zhai


Validation and Calibration of ADM-Aeolus using ground-based lidars

G.J. Fochessato

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Analysis of High Latitude PBL and Surface Winds in preparation for ADM-Aeolus Mission

G. Halloran


Validation of ADM-Aeolus Level 2 products by comparison with global NWP and in-situ flight data

S. Ishii


Validation experiment for the Atmospheric Dynamic Mission-Aeolus

S. Melo

Environment Canada

The Iqaluit Calibration/Validation Supersite

P. Kushner


Validation of ADM/Aeolus winds by examination of their statistical characteristics, for hemispheric scales and for the Arctic region

H. R. Mohammadi Khalesi Fard

Institute for Advance Studies in Basic Sciences

IASBS Remote Sensing Station and its Participation in ADM-Aeolus Cal/Val

I. Di Lodovico


The Aeolus Calibration and Monitoring Facility

M. Weissmann

University of Munich / DWD

Validation and impact assessment for ADM-Aeolus observations in the DWD Modelling system

M. Savli

University of Ljubljana

Potential of the space-borne Doppler wind lidar measurements ADM-Aeolus in a limited-area model

Retrieval of L2B HLOS winds using T3999 ECMWF and CALIPSO

T. Flamant


L2A product : aerosols optical properties

J. Pelon


Wind, aerosols and clouds measurements using the French airborne UV HSRL LNG

D. Mueller

University of Hertfordshire

Lidar observations of Nabro volcano aerosol layers in the stratosphere over Gwangju, Korea

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