Workshop Chairs  
José Gavira Izquierdo  
Head, Mechatronics and Optics Division, ESTEC 
Zoran Sodnik 
Head, Opto-electronics Section, ESTEC
Local Organising Committee
Bruno Leone  Opto-electronics Section, ECSAT
Linda Mondin Opto-electronics Section, ESTEC
Eamonn Murphy  Opto-electronics Section, ESTEC
Christoph Voland Opto-electronics Section, ESTEC
Eric Wille  Optics Section, ESTEC
Scientific Programme Committee  
Angelo Bassi
University of Trieste, COST QTSpace Chair
Philippe Bouyer    Institut d'Optique, COST QTSpace
Luigi Cacciapuoti 
Science Support Office, ESTEC
Olivier Carraz
Future Missions & Instrument Division, ESTEC 
Simon Gröblacher     Delft University of Technology, COST QTSpace
Harald Hauschildt
ScyLight Programme Manager, ESTEC 
Astrid Heske
Payload Instruments Section, ESTEC  
Rainer Kaltenbaek
University of Vienna, COST QTSpace
Christoph Marquardt
Alexander Mudrak
Galileo GS Procurement Office, ESTEC
Yasser Omar
University of Lisbon, COST QTSpace
Mauro Paternostro
Queen's University Belfast, COST QTSpace Vice Chair
Hendrik Ulbricht
University of Southampton, COST QTSpace
Vladyslav Usenko
Palacky University, COST QTSpace
André Xuereb
University of Malta, COST QTSpace

Miniaturised vacuum chamber with optical ports for atom interferometry applications. Image credit: Teledyne e2v, supported by Innovate UK.  
Compact ion trap and oscillator for terrestrial and space applications. Image credit: Teledyne e2v and NPL, supported by the UK Space Agency

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