Hotel bookings will be dealt with by the ESTEC Travel Office. The list of hotels and rates are available for download here. Kindly note these rates are only available when booked via ATPI. For the booking of a hotel room via ATPI a booking fee will be applied.

Please send them an e-mail in order to make your booking,  

Booking procedure
In order to book your hotel with the ESTEC travel office, please note that you will need to provide a valid credit card number with expiry date.

Your card will be used to guarantee the room and a booking fee of EUR 13 will be charged exclusive of 21% VAT (total amount EUR 15,73). Please note that the fee is charged per reservation. If you book two different hotels or one hotel for 2 different dates the fee will be charged twice.

Payment of the hotel room will be performed at the hotel upon check out.
Your booking is confirmed once you have received both the confirmation and the invoice by email.

If you require a specific company address on our invoice, please let the ESTEC Travel Office know at the time of booking. Once the invoice has been processed, they are not able to change it.

Left: Atom chip subsystem integrated in compact vacuum chamber for an Earth gravity gradiometer based on laser-cooled atom interferometry. Right: Detail of atom chip. Image credit: RAL Space and IQO Hannover, supported by ESA.
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