10th Coastal Altimetry Workshop & SAR Altimetry Training Course


Day 1 - Tue 21 Feb 2017

AM: SAR Altimetry Training course. Tutorial on Coastal altimetry, Datasets available, Keynote.

PM: Technical improvements in retracking/corrections, poster session with icebreaker
Day 2 - Wed 22 Feb 2017

AM: Coastal Altimetry with models, integration into coastal observing systems.

PM: Coastal Altimetry with models (continued), poster session (continued)
Day 3 - Thu 23 Feb 2017

AM: Coastal Sea Level, Application showcase,

PM: Application (cont'd), Session summary, discussion/recommendations/conclusions

Social Dinner to wrap-up
Day 4 - Fri 24 Feb 2017

SAR Altimetry Training course
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