Papers for IVEC 2017 are sought on the following topics: 

  1. Vacuum Electron Devices
    • Traveling-wave tubes (all types)
    • Crossed-field devices (oscillators and amplifiers)
    • Klystrons
    • Spatially distributed electron beam devices
    • Inductive output tubes
    • Fast-wave devices (gyrotrons, gyro-amplifiers)
    • Free electron lasers and masers
    • mm-Wave and Terahertz amplifiers and oscillators
    • Pulse compression devices
    • Plasma filled amplifiers and oscillators
    • High power microwave devices / RF directed energy
    • Triodes, tetrodes and pentodes
    • Power switches
  2. Vacuum Electron Sources and Technologies
    • Thermionic emitters
    • Non-thermionic emitters (e.g. photocathodes, secondary emitters)
    • Field emitters/arrays
    • Materials and technologies 
    • Cathode design, fabrication and characterization
    • Accelerator emission physics (breakdown, halo, emittance)
    • Flat panel displays
  3. Systems and Subsystems
    • Microwave and millimetre-wave power modules
    • Electronic power conditioners, modulators, and supplies
    • Linearizers
    • Amplifier/antenna coupling
    • Device and system integration
    • Reliability
  4. Technologies
    • Component parts (e.g. guns, circuits, windows, collectors)
    • Analysis and computer modelling
    • Simulation tools
    • Novel materials (e.g. dielectrics, coatings, magnetic materials)
    • Metamaterials
    • RF breakdown
    • Linearity, intermodulation and noise
    • Novel measurement techniques and diagnostics
    • Miniaturization
    • Thermal power management and control 
    • Sensors and detectors
  5. Applications of Vacuum Electron Devices
    • Defense
    • Radar
    • EMC
    • Telecommunications
    • Medicine
    • Particle accelerators
    • Fusion
    • RF interference
    • Instruments and lithography
    • Materials Processing
    • Television
    • Displays
    • Electric Propulsion
  6. Space Technologies and Applications of Vacuum Electron Devices (SPECIAL SESSION)

  • Space Applications
    Classical and future Telecommunication systems
    Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems
    Earth Observation and Radar instruments 
  • Space Technology
    Generic Technology
    Reliability and in-orbit data
    Temperature management and control
  • Space Systems and Sub-Systems
    Space-borne TWTs
    Electronic Power Conditioners
    Microwave Power Modules (MPMs)
    Multiport Power Amplifiers (MPAs)
    Future Payload Architectures
    Ion Thrusters
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