Major workshop topics

  • Ocean-Colour Applications for Climate Studies.

To demonstrate the rich spectrum of ocean-colour applications in the climate-science and other fields.

  • Light Field in the Ocean: Primary Production and Ocean Dynamics.

To cover the sensitivity of primary production to variations in solar forcing, and the sensitivity of ocean heating and ocean dynamics to changes in the cholorophyll field.

  • Non-Chlorophyll Components of Ocean Optics.

To focus on the contributions of particulate inorganic matter, detrital matter and dissolved coloured compounds to the modulation of the submarine light field.

  • Pools of Carbon in the Ocean.

To assess what can be learned about the pools of carbon in the ocean (particulate and dissolved, organic and inorganic from remote sensing).

  • Phytoplankton diversity at global and regional scale

To determine variability and change of phytoplankton composition by linking remote sensing with other methods

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