CLIVAR 2016 Open Science Conference Posters

Schedule of poster sessions:



20 Sep

Wednesday, 21 Sep


22 Sep


Sessions 1.3, 2

Sessions 1.1, 3

Sessions 1.2, 4, 5, 6


The time slots for poster sessions on each day are 11:00-12:00 in the morning and 16:00-17:00 in the afternoon.

Time for poster set up: 07:00 - 09:00am.

Time for poster removal: 7:00 - 20:00pm. (Note: posters that are not taken down after 20:00pm will be disposed of).

Poster abstracts by session and board number are listed sequentially in the Abstract Book. A mapping of poster board locations and a listing of all posters by presenting authors can be found at the end of the OSC Handbook.

Poster presenter guidelines

Poster Sessions: Tuesday – Thursday: 11:00 – 12:00hrs / 16:00 – 17:00hrs

  1. Poster boards are 1m wide and 1.3m high (portrait orientation). The maximum size available for posters is 0.9m wide and 1.2m high.
  2. Posters will be on display on the second floor of the Hyatt.
  3. Posters will rotate daily.  Please check the Conference Handbook or website to know the exact date for your poster. Your poster number has the following format DDD-NNN, DDD indicates the day, and NNN indicates the board number. Example: Tue-001.
  4. Posters should be hung from 7am to 9am on the day of your presentation. Do not put your poster up the night before.
  5. Double-sided tape provided by the organisers, not tacks should be used to attach posters to the board material, which is made of PVC cloth.
  6. Arrive in the poster area at the beginning of both daily sessions (11:00hrs and 16:00hrs) and stand by your poster for a suitable time. It is advisable to indicate with a note when you will be available.
  7. Posters must be taken down at the end of the day, no later than 20:00hrs. Any posters left on the boards after this time will be removed by the Conference organizers and disposed of.

Pico presentations

Poster presenters are invited to make a 5-minute presentation of their poster in the small presentation area of the Donghai II poster viewing room. Sign-up sheets will be posted outside the room.  Participants interested in making such a presentation can sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis for any of the 6 poster sessions (Tues-Thurs, AM and PM). A total of 12 presentations can be accommodated within each hour-long poster session.  A laptop and projector will be provided but participants must load their own presentations. There will be a timekeeper.

ECS Poster Competition‚Äč

Early career scientists and students attending the CLIVAR Conference and presenting posters are eligible to be considered for outstanding poster awards. A distinguished committee of senior and early career scientists will review and identify outstanding posters given by students and early career scientists. Awards will be presented to the best posters during the closing session of the conference on the 23rd of September.

Contest general guidelines:

  • The first author of a poster should be registered as a student or ECS (if in doubt, check your registration) and be the poster presenter at the OSC;
  • The presenter has to indicate that s/he wishes to participate in the competition by attaching a sticker to her/his poster; these stickers will be available in the poster session rooms;
  • The presenter must be next to her/his poster during the judging period which will be indicated in the poster room;
  • The poster must be formatted according to the poster guidelines in session 4.2;
  • The presentation by the ECS must be original and based on recent research results;
  • The prize will go to the poster presenter (who must be the first author and an ECS or student).

Contest criteria:

The posters will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit and novelty
  • Originality of work
  • Aesthetics of display
  • Clarity of the poster
  • Oral presentation of the poster and responses to questions

Poster Clusters

In order to encourage coordination and further integration of research activities within and across WCRP, and with other climate and ocean research activities, groups were encouraged to self-organize and submit clusters of posters addressing a specific research topic.A brief accompanying white paper can also be submitted for inclusion in the OSC program materials and to inform development of the CLIVAR implementation plan. 

The final list of poster clusters can be downloaded here

Poster Clusters Community Whitepaper

The authors of posters in the cluster may develop and submit for consideration by the OSC participants, a consensus community whitepaper. This whitepaper should be sent to Nico Caltabiano ( no later than July 31st, 2016, and address the following:

  • Briefly review the research questions and challenges that motivate your research;
  • Highlight one or two recent examples of research discoveries/advances that demonstrate the value of international and/or CLIVAR coordination;
  • Identify key research gaps and opportunities to address the motivating questions and challenges;
  • Describe the relevance of the research to CLIVAR goals of advancing understanding and prediction of climate and ocean variability, predictability;
  • Address (when possible) how this research addresses stakeholder needs.
5 pages max (5-6 double-spaced pages, 12 pt font pages, 1000-3000 words), up to four figures (color is acceptable).

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