CLIVAR Open Science Conference

“Charting the course for climate and ocean research”

18-25 September 2016

Qingdao, China

The collective voice and expertise of the international climate community is essential in shaping the international research agenda on the coupled ocean-atmosphere system. The World Climate Research Programme’s (WCRP) Core Project on Climate and Ocean – CLIVAR - invites the international climate community to review the state of the science, to prioritize international research plans and to initiate new collaborations. In September 2016 CLIVAR will hold an Open Science Conference to engage the wider collection of scientists who work in this important area. 

The objectives of the CLIVAR Open Science Conference are to

  • Review progress toward improved understanding of the dynamics, the interaction, and the predictability of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system
  • Shape ideas to meet emerging ocean and climate science challenges
  • Engage with the future generation of climate scientists
  • Identify key climate research and stakeholder issues
  • Develop and strengthen collaborations across nations, disciplines and age groups and promote integrative studies

19th-23rd September  -  Open Science Conference
(19th in QNLM, 20th-23rd in Hyatt Regency hotel)

The registration is now closed.

QNLM - 19th September

Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology

Chinese name: 青岛海洋科学与技术国家实验室

Address in Chinese(地址): 青岛,即墨市,鳌山卫镇 问海路1号

Address in English: No.1 Wenhai Road, Ao shan wei town, Ji mo, Qingdao


Hyatt Regency Hotel – 20th-23rd September

Hyatt Regency Qingdao

Chinese name: 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店

Address in Chinese(地址): 青岛,崂山区,东海东路88号

Address in English: No. 88 DongHai Dong RD, Laoshan District, Qingdao

18th, 24th-25th September  -  Early Career Scientists Symposium
In addition to the main event, an Early Career Scientists Symposium will take place on the weekends before and after the main Conference (18th, 24th-25th September) in FIO by invitation only.


The First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), State Oceanic Administration (SOA)

Chinese name: 国家海洋局第一海洋研究所

Address in Chinese(地址): 青岛,崂山区,仙霞岭路6号

Address in English: No. 6 Xian xia ling RD, Laoshan District, Qingdao

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