Daily Themes

Each day, plenary talks, the evening keynote, the parallel sessions and the poster session are organised around daily themes that, over the week, span the scope of CLIVAR science.

Monday, 19 September

Ocean’s Role in the Climate System

The first day of the conference will focus on the ocean and its role in the climate system, highlighting the ocean’s storage capacity and its function as “memory of the climate system”. The parallel sessions provide a holistic view considering the entire climate system. The major role of the ocean, as well as the atmosphere, land and cryosphere processes will be addressed in relation to global energy, water, and carbon cycles.

Tuesday, 20 September

Climate Variability and Predictability

The second day is dedicated to the subject of climate variability and predictability, highlighting the ocean’s role in both. The day is organised along timescales, recognizing that the spectra of most climate phenomena and processes are broad. However, while the boundary between climate timescales is blurred, many applications and impacts are stratified along those time scales. Parallel sessions will focus on the variability, predictability and simulation of climate at subseasonal-to-seasonal, interannual to decadal and centennial to millennial timescales.

Wednesday, 21 September

Understanding Ocean and Climate Processes

The third day of the conference will broadly address ocean processes, including those occurring across the range of space and time scales. The oceanic processes connected to climate, specifically those involved in coupled ocean-atmosphere interaction, are also part of the day’s focus, including feedback processes and teleconnections.

Thursday, 22 September

The Ocean in a Warmer World 

This day is dedicated to understanding the future of Earth’s climate system. It will be concerned with potential changes in the climate system as well as with potential impacts.

Friday, 23 September

Climate Information and Sustainable Development and Future of Climate and Ocean Science

The last day of the conference is dedicated to a conversation about future priorities and opportunities for climate and ocean research.

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