Taking in due considerations the opinions expressed by the attendance of the 10th ESPC, this 11th edition is expected to meet better than ever the expectations of its participants. By its location, first: Greece was among the three preferred places and CERTH and FORTH expressed a strong will to co-organize the event, so the choice was almost natural. By its date: this edition takes place only two and a half year after the previous one, a first step towards a two years periodicity. By its papers and presentations: their quality was very appreciated, so we again require an extensive digest of the submitted papers, to base the selection on solid ground. By its exhibition: the same hall will host the booths, the stands for the poster session and all coffee breaks, a guarantee that what exhibitors (and authors) display will get the highest visibility. By its seminars: we have selected subjects of high and generic interest, introduced by top level presenters. By the place offered to the Academy: mutual awareness of what is done there and in Industry is, in our view, too low and we want to offer to both an opportunity to bridge this gap. And, last but not least, by the choice of speakers at the Opening Session, who will provide the audience with their first-hand experience in domains like power for electrical cars or nuclear sources worldwide developments.

Indeed the ESPC is the forum of choice for whoever is interested in all aspects of electrical power for space applications or who is involved in cutting edge research on these topics for terrestrial applications which, in many case, have little to envy to space ones.

The conference is intended to cover the three main topics of:

  • Power generation, with solar generators, of course, but also with other types of sources like nuclear or electrochemical ones (primary cells and fuel cells, among others)
  • Energy storage, largely dominated by batteries but where regenerative fuel cells show some promises
  • Power management and distribution, a wide domain covering every levels of integration from the electrical parts to power subsystem architectures

In each of them, we welcome contributions that will show early results of future technologies, original implementation of new (or old) functions, use of new components or assembly techniques, future concepts that could become the state of the art of tomorrow or the day after, and so on.

For the companies who want to present their products or services, the (non-exclusive) choice is offered of an exhibition booth or of an industry session. As for the previous edition, a few booths will be offered free of charge to the Academy, to display the achievements of students and researchers.

Students will also notice that their registration to the conference will allow one professor or master of thesis to enjoy the same reduced registration fees.

We hope that you will appreciate our efforts to make the ESPC a top level conference on Power Systems and that we’ll have the pleasure of your contribution as author or exhibitor and, in any case, of your participation.

Καλώς ήρθατε στην Θεσσαλονίκη !

Henri Barde, Chairman of the 11th ESPC

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