Papers are solicited in the following areas:
Power Generation
  • Solar cells, module and generator design and technology
  • Solar Generator mechanical, structural and thermal design
  • Solar cells and generators testing and calibration
  • Environmental interactions
  • Other power generation methods
Next generation solar cells technology, calibration and measurement of solar cells with four junctions and more, terrestrial concentrated photovoltaic versus space solar cells, nuclear and photovoltaic energy sources for extreme missions are a few subjects where contributions are specially welcome

Energy Storage
  • Primary & secondary batteries
  • Fuel Cells & electrolysers
  • Supercapacitors & Li ion capacitors
  • Other energy storage methods
Advanced chemistries, energy management and safety all appear as domains of special interest.

Power Management and distribution
  • Power subsystem architecture
  • Power conditioning, distribution and conversion
  • Materials, processes and components technologies
  • High voltage power processing
  • Transverse matters (wide bandgap semiconductors, electronic functions integration, digital control, standardisation of interfaces,…)
In all areas papers may address issues such as
  • modelling
  • lessons learned (in flight and on ground, successes and failures)
  • reliability
  • cost and schedule optimisation
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