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Suppliers and manufacturers in the aerospace industry are facing a continuous pressure to implement new technologies to miniaturize and reduce the mass of electronic equipment, which comes with the need to reduce costs and procurement time. As an example, the tight integration of ever faster digital electronics with  low power and signal levels, makes EMC control always more challenging. In this context, the EMC engineers seek to improve their approaches in modelling, design, production and testing with the ultimate objective of achieving built-in-design compatibility, thus avoiding costly fixes and retest of integrated systems. Aerospace is also the field where a large variety of technologies and instruments have to coexist, which calls for a constant adaptability of the EMC engineers who have to adopt interdisciplinary approaches and achieve effective collaborations with academia.

The main goals of the Workshop are to:
  • establish a forum opportunity for EMC researchers and engineers involved in aerospace.
  • give a wide picture of the present state of EMC technology and trends
  • encourage awareness of, and foster discussion in future developments which will allow the EMC community to keep the pace of spacecraft and aircraft design advances and challenges.

The 2016 ESA Workshop on Aerospace EMC will be held in Valencia, 23 - 25 May 2016, in The Westin Hotel. Further information on the venue can be found here

The Workshop will include:
  • plenary sessions 
  • poster sessions
  • a technical exhibition 

The working language will be English.

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