With a history more than 2,000 years old and a unique identity, Barcelona has always been characterized by its nonconformist and entrepreneurial personality.

This personality has lead to Barcelona becoming a global reference in fields related to architecture, culture, design, gastronomy, sports, tourism, scientific research, knowledge and social innovation. Its unique character, along with the excellent quality of life and vocation that the city of Barcelona has to be an authentic smart city, has helped it become one of the most attractive cities and trademarks worldwide.

We want to continue to be a global reference for the most advanced cities, offering an inspirational and creative environment where any professional or personal project can be developed in a city that is constantly evolving, friendly and profoundly human and committed. A restless city where the people and their goals are the protagonists with a united vision: to make Barcelona, a city dedicated to people and to the world, a better place.

This is why Barcelona is a city that inspires. A creative, open and vibrant city that promotes a culture of innovation and a culture of happiness.

For more information, please visit the website of the Barcelona City Council.

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