Elena Saenz, Antenna and Sub-Millimetre Wave Section (TEC-EEA), 
Kees van’t Klooster, Antenna and Sub-Millimetre Wave Section (TEC-EEA), 
Brian Shortt, Technology Preparation Section (SRE-FT), 
Ludovic Duvet, Payload Technology Validation Section (SRE-FV),

Peter de Maagt (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Martin Linder (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Dominic Doyle (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Jan Tauber (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Astrid Heske (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Manuel Martin Neira (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Laurent Hili (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Julian Santiago Prowald (ESA-ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Pier Mario Besso (ESA-ESOC, Germany)
Alvaro Gonzalez (NAOJ, Japan)
Giorgio Savini (UCL, UK)
Giampaolo Pisano (Cardiff University, UK)
Richard Wylde (TK, UK)
Nuria Llombart (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
Anthony Murphy (Maynooth University, Ireland)
Per Nielsen (TICRA, Denmark)
Dirk Plettemeier (Technical University of Dresden, Germany)
Roberto Mizzoni (Thales Alenia Space, Rome)
Michael Schneider (Airbus Defence and Space, Germany)
Albert-Jan Boonstra (ASTRON, The Netherlands)
Andrey Baryshev (SRON and RUG, The Netherlands)
Leonid Gurvits (JIVE and TU Delft, The Netherlands)
Alain Maestrini (Observatoire de Paris, LERMA, France)
Bertrand Thomas (RPG, Germany)
Thomas Crowe (VDI, US)
Brian Ellison (STFC - RAL, UK)
Jan Stake (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Anders Emrich (Omnisys Instruments, Sweden)
Baptiste Cecconi (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris, France)

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