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25-29 May 2015, ESA-ESAC (near Madrid), Spain
Jointly organised by ESA, CNES, SMOS-MODE

By 2015, ESA’s SMOS mission will have been in orbit for more than five years, providing a continuous stream of high quality data products. Being ESA’s water cycle mission, SMOS observations have been used by rather distinct science communities addressing oceanography, land surface hydrology, and meteorology over a wide range of applications. The focus of this conference will deviate from previous events in that the emphasis will be on applications of SMOS data, including operational services, the development of novel data products, the synergistic use of SMOS data with other data sources and the potential of SMOS data for the generation of long-term data sets. The workshop will also cover common themes such as the quality of the Level 1 data products and calibration and validation activities

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18-22 May 2015, ESA-ESAC (near Madrid), Spain 

The 2nd SMOS science conference will be preceded by a SMOS training course, organised by CESBIO and held at the ESA-ESAC premises near Madrid. The course will provide an opportunity to learn how to work with level 1 (brightness temperature) and level 2 (soil moisture and ocean salinity) data provided by ESA’s SMOS mission.

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