The ESA Earth Observation Swarm satellite mission, a constellation of three satellites to measure the Earth’s magnetic field, was launched on November 22, 2013. The mission will deliver observations that provide new insight into the Earth system by improving our understanding of the Earth’s interior as well as the near Earth electro-magnetic environment important for space weather effects. The unprecedented high-accuracy and high spatial resolution measurements of the strength, direction and time variations of the magnetic field, complemented by precise navigation, accelerometer and electric field measurements, will provide the required observations to model the various sources of the geomagnetic field and the gravity field.

Topics will include

  • Mission status after the commissioning phase (satellites, instruments, operations, science data systems)
  • First science results
  • Presentation of the outcome of the Cal/Val activities
  • Release of Swarm Level 1 data products
  • Plans for exploitation projects
  • An international media event focusing on the role of Swarm within the Earth sciences

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