Global optical thickness for 21-31 July 2013, derived from SMOS data.


Contributions are invited for presentations on novel research activities and developments exploiting SMOS and other EO data in support of land surface processes and interaction studies and applications. In particular, topics of interest are:

  • Global and continental water cycle variability and extremes;

  • SMOS contribution to key water cycle parameters: e.g., soil moisture, rainfall, evaporation;

  • SMOS for operational hydrology, water balance and flood forecasting at basin scales;
  • Inundation, wetlands, melting permafrost and impacts on methane emissions;
  • Characterization of vegetation dynamics and their impact on the global carbon cycle;
  • SMOS contribution to key carbon cycle parameters: e.g., vegetation water content, vegetation dynamics, biomass;
  • Enhanced carbon-hydrological interactions into carbon models and quantification of CO2 fluxes;
  • Continental Cryosphere processes and its impacts on climate;
  • SMOS contribution to key continental Cryosphere parameters: e.g., snow density, snow water equivalent, frozen soil dynamics and depth;
  • Integration of SMOS data into land–surface and land-atmosphere coupled models;



Gross Primary Production estimated by the BETHY model before (left) and after (right) assimilation of SMOS Level 3 soil moisture data gC/m2 for the period 2010-2011. Credit: FastOpt

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