ESA Summer Workshop for Teachers 2014

This year ESA is once again organising a summer workshop for secondary school teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related subjects. The workshop  will be held at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), located in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, from 21 - 25 July 2014.

What to expect
During this workshop participants will be presented with innovative ways in which space can be used as an engaging context for teaching core topics in STEM subjects. Participants will find out more about ESA Education activities and resources, as well as, current ESA missions, such as, Rosetta – Europe’s comet chaser, and the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) that transports cargo to the International Space Station.

Focus on practical sessions and space lectures 
As part of a diverse programme, practical sessions will enable participants to explore and discuss experiments that can be used to bring space into the classroom. Inspiring lectures from ESA experts will give an insight into the latest ESA missions and cutting-edge research. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to network with peers from across Europe.

Terms of participation
Teachers applying to attend the workshop agree that, if selected, they will carry out all of the activities listed below, following their participation.
  1. Demonstrate active dissemination of knowledge acquired at the workshop by organising at least two workshops for other teachers (the first should take place within 6 months of the ESA workshop).
  2. Take action to promote ESA education resources, for example, at teacher conferences, to other schools, through publication of articles in journals, newsletters, blogs, websites etc. 
  3. Complete a dissemination report issued by ESA, once after four months and again one year after the workshop, reporting on the actions taken in points 1 and 2 above.

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