Workshop on Novel Mission Concepts for Snow
and Cryosphere Research

SnowSAR data over the Mittlebergferner Glacier, Austria, image provided by MetaSensing


Earth Observation has demonstrated to be a suitable  technology to support Cryosphere research and applications, providing unique information to advance the scientific understanding of cryospheric processes and their link to climate change.

ESA, through the results of ERS-1, ERS-2, Envisat and CryoSat, has contributed significantly to this understanding. In the future, the Sentinel series will maintain this contribution providing continuous and long-term data streams to address numerous scientific and operational aspects on Cryosphere research and applications.

A significant amount of data have been also collected through different targeted ESA campaigns providing a unique set of new airborne observations and in-situ data that support the scientific community to further advance in the development and consolidation of novel observational principles and retrieval techniques. These data represent an additional opportunity to explore and advance in the definition of novel mission concepts for the Cryosphere with a special emphasis on snow.

Recently, a set of new scientific challenges for the Cryosphere has been  identified by ESA with the support of the scientific community.

These challenges represent the baseline to identify the major gaps in observations and the related future technologies, observational principles,  and retrieval methods that may allow the scientific community to address them.


By reviewing recent field campaign based on ground, airborne and satellite observations the workshop will provide a state-of-the-art overview of techniques to observe snow properties by taking snow in other cryosphere disciplines into account.

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