The Workshop is organised around oral and posters presentations selected by the Scientific Committee. A session will be organised to provide keynote addresses on the science applications of GOCE and to present the current activities in the GOCE mission programme.

Sessions will be designed around dedicated topics such as oceanography, solid· Earth physics, and geodesy. All sessions will be plenary, the workshop will not break-up in splinters. The scientific communities are invited to share the cross-disciplinary aspect of the GOCE mission.   

Round Table discussions will be scheduled and the Scientific Committee will prepare appropriate seed questions, to which anyone can contribute.

Presenters of both oral and poster presentations are required to submit full papers to the scientific committee. Proceedings will be published by ESA. A Summary report on the main findings and recommendations from each session and the final discussion in the closing session will be published in the proceedings

The working language of the Workshop is English. No participation/registration fee will be charged. Participants are expected to finance their own travel and accommodation expenses

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