5th Electronic Materials, Processes and Packaging for Space (EMPPS) Workshop

Noordwijk, The Netherlands
20-22 May 2014

Introduction and Objectives
The effect of the space environment on the reliability of electronic materials and devices is of continuous concern and discussion. Therefore our knowledge needs to be continually expanded in order to improve the design, reliability and safety of launchers, spacecrafts and space instruments. The key drivers for technology development are future mission requirements that are currently experiencing rapid advances in the performance requirements needed for scientific instruments. The selection of materials, processes and packages for future space missions must also anticipate the causes of environmental regulations (e.g. REACH, RoHS) and to utilise cleaner technologies in order to mitigate the environmental impacts of space programmes.

The focus of the EMPPS is set on high‐reliability manufacturing of electronic assemblies intended to withstand assembly, storage and ground test conditions and the conditions imposed by launchers and the space flight environments.

The objectives of the workshop are to promote the development and awareness of materials and manufacturing processes utilised for space applications and to foster the discussion and exchange of knowledge among the European industry and research centres actively involved in the assessment of manufacturing and assembly processes utilised in space applications and other high-reliability electronics. Students and trainees are encouraged to attend and to submit a proposal for poster presentation.

We are looking forward to meeting an international audience here at ESTEC in May 2014, both from inside and outside the ESA member states.

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