Final Programme & Abstracts

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Tuesday 22 April




Welcome Introduction


Welcome Address (ESA)


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Keynotes Session

Chairs: Anatoly Gitelson, Marc-Philippe Stoll


Global Biogeochemical Cycles and Reduction of Uncertainty in Climate Models

P. Ciais ( LSCE, France)

Better knowledge of photosynthesis is of importance for food and fiber production, and for understanding the terrestrial carbon cycle. Information about the observed response of ecosystem photosynthetic activity and net primary productivity to large scale climate variability, including climatic extremes is also informative to understand strengths and weaknesses of current carbon cycle models, and help reduce their uncertainty on future projections. The presentation will present attempts to evaluate photosynthesis in models using current EO datasets, at regional and global scale, in the context of future fluorescence dedicated spaceborne observations.


Using Remote Sensing to aid assessing Agriculture and Food Security under variable climate conditions

R. Quiroz ( CGIAR, Peru)

Achieving sustainable food security in a world with growing population, changing diets and a changing climate is a major challenge. Climate related agricultural failures already cause economic losses and undermine food security, and these are likely to become more severe as global warming continues. The CGIAR research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) seeks to overcome the threats to agriculture and food security, exploring new ways of helping vulnerable rural communities adjust to global changes in climate. CCAFS integrates and applies the best and most promising approaches, tools and technologies. The presentation highlights CCAFS activities featuring different applications of remote sensing in agricultural research.


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Traits-based Approaches to Understand Temporal Dynamics and to Constrain Fluorescence Modeling

P. van Bodegom (Vrije Univ., The Netherlands)

Traits-based approaches are increasingly applied to model vegetation distribution and carbon and water fluxes. Chlorophyll fluorescence may be considered a plant trait operating at the short time scales and is linked to traits affecting photosynthesis and light acclimation at medium (Chlorophyll contents) and long (leaf nitrogen, specific leaf area) time scales. Ecological concepts may aid better understanding these temporal interactions to i) improve retrieval schemes and ii), vice versa, allow incorporating fluorescence into (traits-based) global vegetation models. In this presentation, some of these concepts will be explored.


An Introduction in Chlorophyll Fluorescence

J. Berry (Carnegie Inst., USA)

What is the mechanistic basis for relating the intensity of solar induced fluorescence to GPP? How is it influenced by stress? Can it be integrated into photosynthesis models? What more do we need to know?

Session 1 : Relationship between Fluorescence, Photosynthesis and Plant Stress

Chairs: Joe Berry, Gina Mohammed


Knowledge Gap Analysis Assessing Steady-State Chlorophyll Fluorescence as an Indicator of Plant Stress Status

Z. Malenovsky (GCRC, Czech R.), A. Ac, Olejnickova, A. Galle, U. Rascher, G. Mohammed


Mapping Spatio-Temporal Variations of Sun- Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence at Close Canopy Scale using Hyperspectral Images

F. Pinto (FZJ, Germany), S. Cogliati, R. Colombo, A. Damm, M. Müller-Linow, C. Panigada, M. Rossini, A. Schickling, U. Rascher


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FLEX/Sentinel-3 Tandem Mission Photosynthesis Study - An investigation of steady-state chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis in terrestrial vegetation

G. Mohammed (P&M Technologies, Canada), A. Ac, F. Daumard, M. Drusch, A. Galle, Y. Goulas, F. Magnani, Z. Malenovsky, J. Moreno, J. Olejnickova, D. Pernokis, J.P. Rivera, J. Verrelst, U. Rascher, C. van der Tol, W. Verhoef, A. Volta


Medium Resolution Airborne Spectroscopy to Assess the Relationship Between Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Canopy Photosynthesis

A. Damm (Univ. Zurich, Switzerland), L. Guanter, M. Schaepman, U. Rascher


The Canopy Red/Far-Red Fluorescence Ratio Describes Daily Light Use Efficiency in a Cornfield

E. Middleton (NASA, USA), P. Campbell, Y-B. Cheng, L. Corp, Q. Zhang, K. F. Huemmrich


Seasonal and Diurnal Changes in Boreal Forest Solar Induced Fluorescence (Fs) Retrieved from A Continuously Operating Spectrometer System for the Estimation of Light use Efficiency

C. Nichol (Univ. Edimburgh, UK)


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Session 2: Mission Concepts and Innovative Developments

Chairs: Selma Cherchali, Matthias Drusch


FLORIS: The Fluorescence Imaging Spectrometer of the Earth Explorer Mission Candidate FLEX

S. Kraft (ESA, Netherlands), U. Del Bello, M. Drusch, A. Gabriele


FLEX_E: ESA's FLEX End-to-End Mission Performance Simulator. Architecture design, current status and preliminary results.

J. Vicent (Univ. Valencia, Spain), J.R. Acarreta, L. Alonso, R. Franco, M. Manzano, J.P. Rivera, N. Sabater, C. Tenjo, J. Verrelst, J. Moreno


Space-Based Global Fluorescence Measurements with the TROPOMI Instrument on the Sentinel-5 Precursor Mission

I. Aben (SRON, Netherlands), L. Guanter, P. Köhler, C. Frankenberg, A. Butz, P. Hahne, J. a.d.Brugh, H. Hu, S. Houweling, P. Veefkind, O. Hasekamp, J. Landgraf


GFLEX: Monitoring the Diurnal Time Course of Vegetation Dynamics with Geostationary Observations

F. Daumard (CNRS, France), I. Moya, Y. Goulas, C. Rhoul, A. Ounis


Remote Sensing of Solar-Induced Vegetation Fluorescence Near 690 nm from the Fill-In of Solar Fe-I Fraunhofer Lines

J. H. Yee (John Hopkins Univ., USA), F. Morgan, J. Boldt, R. DeMajistre, W. Cook

17 :50

Presentation of AisaIBIS
Timo Hyvärinen (Specim, Finland)

18:10  Poster Session I and Icebreaker

19 :30



Wednesday 23 April



Session 3 : Campaigns, Ground and Airborne Measurements

Chairs: Elisabeth Middleton, Anke Schickling


HyPlant: A Novel, High-Performance Air-Borne Imaging Spectrometer to Map Sun-Induced Fluorescence: Instrument technology, Measurement Concepts, and Overview on Data

U. Rascher (FZJ, Germany), L. Alonso, A. Burkart, C. Cilia, R. Colombo, A. Damm, M. Drusch, S. Cogliati, L. Guanter, M. Rossini, T. Hyvärinen, J. Jussila, T. Julitta, S. Kraft, J. Moreno, F. Pinto, L. Prey, A. Schickling, D. Schüttemeyer, J. Verrelst


Spatio-Temporal Variability of Validated Sun-Induced Fluorescence Maps From HyPlant Imaging Spectrometer

A. Schickling (FZJ, Germany), F. Pinto, H. Ahrends, S. Wienekke, A. Damm, M. Rossini, L. Alonso, S. Cogliati, T. Julitta, J. Moreno, C. Panigada, D. Schüttemeyer, F. Zemek, R. Colombo, U. Rascher


Measuring Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence: an Evaluation and Synthesis of Existing Field Data

M. Rossini (Univ. Milano-Bicocca, Italy), L. Alonso, S. Cogliati, A. Damm, L. Guanter, T. Julitta, M. Meroni, J. Moreno, C. Panigada, F. Pinto, U. Rascher, A. Schickling, D. Schuettemeyer, F. Zemek, R. Colombo


A Dual-Field-of-View Spectrometer System for Reflectance and Fluorescence Measurements

A. Mac Arthur (Univ. Edimburgh, UK), M. Rossini, I. Robertson, N. Davies


Assessment of Canopy Fluorescence Yield with Airborne Passive and Active Measurements: the CALSIF Project

Y. Goulas (CNRS, France), A. Ounis, F. daumard, F. Baret, M. Chelle, I. Moya


Coffee Break

Session 4: Methods for Fluorescence Retrieval

Chairs: Fabrice Daumard, Luis Guanter


Retrieval of Sun Induced Fluorescence using Advanced Spectral Fitting Methods from Radiative Transfer Simulations and HyPlant Imagery

S. Cogliati (Univ. Milano-Bococca, Italy), M. Rossini, T. Julitta, C. Panigada, A. Schickling, F. Pinto, L. Alonso, J. Vicent, N. Sabater, R. Colombo, U. Rascher, W. Verhoef, J. Moreno


An Atmospheric Correction Algorithm for the FLEX/Sentinel-3 Tandem Mission.

N. Sabater (Univ. Valencia, Spain), J. Vicent, L. Alonso, J. Verlest, J. Moreno


Vegetation Canopy Fluorescence and Reflectance Retrieval by Model Inversion Using Optimization

W. Verhoef (Univ. Twente, Netherlands), C. van der Tol


A Linear Method for the Retrieval of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence from GOME-2 Data

P. Köhler (FUB, Germany), L. Guanter, J. Joiner


Effects of Vegetation Directional Reflectance on Sun-Induced Fluorescence Retrieval in the Oxygen Absorption Bands

A. Fournier (CNRS, France), F. Daumard, S. Champagne, A. Ounis, I. Moya, Y. Goulas


Lunch Break

Session 5: Fluorescence at the Global Scale

Chairs: Joanna Joiner, Fabienne Maignan


New Measurements of Chlorophyll Fluorescence with GOME-2 and Comparisons with the Seasonal Cycle of GPP from Flux Towers

J. Joiner (NASA, USA), L. Guanter, R. Lindstrot, Q. Zhang, A. Vasilkov, Y. Yoshida, F. Huemmrich, E. Middleton, C. Frankenberg, J. Berry, B. Cheng, Y. Zhang, C. Tucker, L. Corp, P. Campbell, M Voigt, P. Koehler, K. Schaefer, L. Gu



Sensing Vegetation Fluorescence from Space: Analysis of 3-Years of GOSAT Data and the Potential of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2

C. Frankenberg (JPL, USA), C. O'Dell, J. Berry, L. Guanter, J. Joiner, P. Koehler, R. Pollock, T. Taylor


Global Analysis of the Relationship between Canopy-Scale Chlorophyll Fluorescence and GPP

M. Voigt (FUB, Germany), L. Guanter, M. Jung, Y. Zhang


Global Monitoring of Agricultural Productivity with Space-Borne Measurements of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence

L. Guanter (FUB, Germany), Y. Zhang, M. Jung, J. Joiner, M. Voigt, J. Berry, C. Frankenberg, A. Huete, P. Zarco-Tejada, J.E. Lee, M. Moran, G. Ponce-Campos, C. Beer, G. Camps-Valls, N. Buchmann, D. Gianelle, K. Klumpp, A. Cescatti, J. Baker, T. Griffis


Assessing Terrestrial Vegetation Dynamics Through Space-Borne Measurements of Greenness, Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Data-Driven Model GPP
S. Walther (Inst. Space Sciences), L. Guanter, M. Voigt, M. Jung, J. Joiner


Coffee Break

Session 6 : Fluorescence Models and Interpretation of Fluorescence

Chairs: Federico Magnani, Christiaan Van der Tol


Some Critical Aspects for the Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Terms of Canopy Photosynthesis

J. Flexas ( Univ. Illes Balears, Spain), J. Gago, J Berry


Modelling Photochemistry from Seasonal Changes in Steady-State Fluorescence under Field Conditions in Pinus Sylvestris

F. Magnani (Univ. Bologna, Italy), S. Raddi, A. Porcar-Castell


Validation and Calibration of a Leaf-level Fluorescence Model

J. Atherton (Univ. Helsinki, Finland), C. Nichol, A. Porcar-Castell


Simulations of Solar-Induced Fluorescence Using the Simple Biosphere Model (SiB) Evaluated Against Data from Two Satellites (GOSAT, GOME-2)

I. Baker (Colorado State Univ., USA), J. Berry, C. Frankenberg, J. Joiner, J-E Lee, S. Denning



Leaf -Level Modeling of the Seasonal Link between Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photosynthesis

A. Porcar-Castell (Univ. Helsinki, Finland), B. Olascoaga, J. Atherton, F. Berninger, P. Kolari


Poster Session II


Conference Dinner


Thursday 24 April



Session 7 : Workshop Summary and Conclusions

Chairs : Yves Goulas, Jose Moreno


Workshop Summary by Sessions Chairs


Coffee Break


Presentation of the COST Action "OPTIMISE"

A. Mac Arthur (Univ. Edimbugh, UK)


Plenary Discussion


Workshop Conclusions


Lunch Break

Session 8: BIOHYPE Special Session

14 :00

An Urban Field Study on Upward and Downward Sun-Induced Leaf Chl Fluorescence as Indicator of Traffic-Induced Stress

S. Van Wittenberghe (Univ. Antwerp, Belgium, L. Alonso, J. Verrelst, I. Hermans, J. Delegido, F. Veroustraete, R. Valcke, J. Moreno, R. Samson

14 :30

Physiological Effects of Traffic Exposure on Urban Vegetation: a Chlorophyll Fluorescence Approach

I. Hermans (Hasselt Univ., Belgium), R. Valcke

15 :00

A Database of Spectrally-Resolved SIF from In-Vivo Leaves of Various Species

L. Alonso (Univ. Valencia, Spain), S. Van Wittenberghe, M.P. Cendrero-Mateo, A. Schieckling, T. Julitta, F. de la Cruz Tercero, R. Colombo, M.S. Moran, U. Rascher, R. Samson, J. Moreno

15 :30

Chlorophyll content mapping of urban vegetation in the city of Valencia based on the hyperspectral NAOC index
J. Verrelst (Univ. Valencia)

16 :00

Coffee Break


BIOPHYPE Plenary Discussion


End of Workshop


Posters Sessions

Tuesday 22 April


Session 2: Mission Concepts and Innovative Developments


The Scientific Modules of FLEX end-to-end Simulator: The Scene Generator Module and the Level-2 Retrieval Module.

N. Sabater (Univ. Valencia, Spain), J.P Rivera, C. Tenjo, J. Vicent, L. Alonso, J. Verelst


Potential of Current and Future Copernicus Satellite Missions for Low Spatial Resolution Fluorescence Monitoring?

Y. Meijer (ESA, The Netherlands), P. Ingmann, J. Langen, B. Veihelmann, C. Zehner


A-SCOPE: Automating Fluorescence Modeling in Support of FLEX

J. Verrelst (Univ. Valencia, Spain), J.P. Rivera, C. Van Der Tol, F. Magnani, G. Mohammed, J. Moreno


Impact of Instrumental Characteristics On Vegetation Fluorescence Retrieval from Spaceborne Simulated Images

A. Barducci (SOFASI srl, Italy), P. Di Ninni, D. Guzzi, C. Lastri, V. Nardino, L. Palombi, I. Pippi, V. Raimondi

Session 3 : Campaigns, Ground and Airborne Measurements


HyPlant Airborne Data Processing in the Context of the HYFLEX 2012/13 Field Campaign for the Retrieval of Sun-Induced Fluorescence Emission

J. Vicent (Univ. Valencia, Spain), L. Alonso, S. Cogliati, A. Damm, F. Pinto, N. Sabater, U. Rascher, J. Verrelst, J. Moreno


Mapping Chlorophyll Fluorescence at 740 and 690 nm with the Hyplant Airborne Imaging Spectrometer

L. Guanter (Free Univ. Berlin, Germany), M. Rossini, R. Colombo, A. Damm, U. Rascher, A. Schickling, F. Pinto


Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Extraction and Validation at Airborne Level

P. Yang (Beijing Normal Univ., China), Z. Liu, Q. Wang, Z. Ni, W. Zhang


Session 4: Methods for Fluorescence Retrieval


Combined Impact of Illumination Effects and Reflectance Anisotropy on High Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy Data and Derived Vegetation Products

A. Damm (Univ. Zurich, Switzerland), L. Guanter, W. Verhoef, M. Schaepman


Novel Algorithm for the Retrieval of Solar-Induced Fluorescence from Hyperspectral Data Based on Peak Height of Apparent Reflectance at Absorption Features

L. Alonso (Univ. Valencia, Spain), N. Sabater Medina, J. Vicent Sivera, S. Cogliati, M. Rossini, J. Moreno


A Neural Network Solution to The Mixture of Fluorescence SignaIs with Drift Spectra

P. Martinez (Univ. Extremadura, Spain)


Session 5: Fluorescence at the Global Scale


Moved to oral


Mapping of Solar-Induced Fluorescence at High Spatio-Temporal Resolution using GOME-2 Satellite Observations

J. Tadic (Carnegie Inst. for Sciences, USA) , Y. Shiga, M. Qiu, A. Michalak


Optimal Estimates of Global Terrestrial GPP from Satellite Fluorescence and DGVMs

N. Parazoo (UCLA, USA), K. Bowman, J. Fisher, C. Frankenberg, D. Jones, A. Cescatti, O. Perez-Priego, G. Wohlfahrt, L. Montagnani


Use of Space Retrievals of Solar-Induced Fluorescence to Improve GPP Modeling for Croplands

Y. Zhang (Free Univ. Berlin, germany), L. Guanter, C. van der Tol, J.A. Berry, J. Joiner


Effects of Forest Fires and Post-Fire Regeneration in Algeria Analysis with Satellite Data and GIS

A. Zegrar (Centre of Space Techniques, Algeria)


Wenesday 23 April


Session 1 : Relationship between Fluorescence, Photosynthesis and Plant Stress


A comparison between measured and modeled sun induced chlorophyll fluorescence and GPP

S. Wieneke (Univ. Cologne, Gernany)


Water Stress Induction And Reversion Monitored By Optical Signatures At Leaf Level

M.L. Lopez (Univ. Castilla La Mancha, Spain), I. Moya, L. González, I. Campos, A. Calera


Evaluation of Potato Crop Nitrogen Status Based on Leaf Chlorophyll and Leaf Flavonoids Contents Assessed by Hand-Held Fluorimeters Dualex and Multiplex

F. Ben Abdallah (Walloon Agr. Res. Centre, Belgium), J.P Goffart


Chlorophyll Fluorescence Response to Nitrogen Deficit in Wheat

M.P. Cendrero-Mateo (Univ. Arizona, USA), M.S. Moran, S.A. Papuga, A. Porcar-Castell


Photoinhibition Alters The Relationship Between Fluorescence And Photochemistry

B. Olascoaga (Univ. Helsinki,Finland), J. Atherton, E. Tyystjärvi, A. Porcar-Castell


Linking Remotely Sensed Optical Diversity and Chlorophyll Fluorescence to Genetic, Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity to Predict Ecosystem Processes

J. Cavender-Bares (Univ. Minnesota, USA), J. Gamon, S. Hobbie, M. Madritch, R. Lindroth, R. Montgomery, P. Townsend, A. Zygielbaum


Relationship Between a Model-Simulated Productivity and In-Situ Fluorescence Measurements at Two Flux Sites

T. Kato (Hokkaido Univ., Japan), F. Maigan, N. MacBean, P. Peylin, Y. Goulas, F. Daumard, I. Moya, A. Porcar-Castell, C. Nichol


Diurnal Dynamics and Phenological Changes in Vegetation Fluorescence, Reflectance, and Temperature Indicative of Vegetation Photosynthetic Properties and Function

P. Campbell (Univ. Maryland, USA), E. Middleton, L. Corp, C. van der Tol, F. Huemmrich


Remote Sensing of Sun Induced Fluorescence over Urban Areas. Lessons Learnt from the BIOHYPE Project

L. Alonso (Univ. Valencia, Spain), S. Van Wittenberghe, R. Samson, J. Moreno


Session 6 : Fluorescence Models and Interpretation of Fluorescence


A Study of the Spectral Reflectance Methods for Detecting Chlorophyll Fluorescence using the Fluormod Model

Z. Ni (Beijing Normal Univ., China), Z. Liu, Z-L Li, F. Nerry, H. Huo, X. Li


Assessing canopy fluorescence yield indexes reliability by the mean of canopy fluorescence simulation

C. Rhoul (CNRS, France), Y. Goulas, F. Daumard, A. Ounis, I. Moya


Analysing the Relation Between Solar Induced Fluorescence and Photosynthesis with the SCOPE Model

C. van der Tol (Univ. Twente, the Netherlands), W. Verhoef, N. Rajh Vilfan, J. Timmermans, J. Berry


Steady-State Fluorescence as a Probe of Photosystem II Processes: Observations and Model

F. Magnani (Univ. Bologna, Italy), S. Raddi


Angular and Canopy Structure Dependency of Canopy Scale Chlorophyll Fluorescence Simulated by the Newly Developed Three Dimensional Plant Canopy Fluorescence Model

H. Kobayashi (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan), S. Nagai, T. Inoue, K. Ichii


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