FULL PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (Oral & Poster Presenters):

Inclusion in Conference Proceedings

The proceedings will be available on http://esa-gnc.eu Login details will be available for free to all participants.

No presentation will be accepted for any paper that was not submitted in time to be included in the Proceedings. 

All presenters are obliged to submit their full paper, in accordance with the Conference formatting rules, no later than 30 May 2014.

Instructions for the paper submission are available in the paper template. The paper template provides guidelines for preparing the required electronic format. Each submission should resemble these instruction sheets in format and style when completed. Please read all instructions thoroughly to avoid errors that could result in your paper(s) being omitted from publication.

Both oral (required) and poster (optional) presenters should submit a paper by the above mentioned deadline. There is no limit to the number of pages for the paper.

The paper template is available above.

Submit your abstract update and paper by email to esa.conference.bureau@esa.int

IMPORTANT NOTE for authors who also hold an ESA contract:
The content of any publicity material prepared by the Contractor related to an ESA mission or to an activity performed by the Contractor in the context of an ESA Contract, intended for publication in whatever form and through whatever medium, including the internet, shall acknowledge that the mission is indeed an ESA mission and/or that the Contract was carried out “under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency” and shall display in an appropriate and visible way the Agency’s logo. 

In addition, all publications, related to the work carried out under an ESA Contract shall also carry a disclaimer with the following wording or wording to the same effect: “The view expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency.” 

Please see here some specifications and recommendations for oral presentations during GNC 2014:
1. All presentation material and presentations shall be in English.
2. Each presentation shall be 20 minutes long.  There will be 5 minutes for questions and handover. As the schedule is very tight, any longer running presentations WILL be cut short and stopped. Presentations shall preferably be between 14 and 22 slides.
3. The presenter shall provide the chairman, two weeks prior to the conference, with the following details in order that he/she may be properly introduced. 
4. A Video and Data as well as a PC will be available for the presentations.
5. Please prepare your presentations in MS PowerPoint format, or a PDF (only these formats will be accepted) and have it available on a disc or memory stick.
6. The presenter shall deliver a draft version of their presentation to the chairman for review and comment 2 weeks prior to the conference. Presenters are expected to be present at least 1 day prior to their session in order to load their presentations and check compatibility with the computer being used. Those presenting on Monday are expected to do this at 7.30am Monday morning. Please note that delivering your file does not guarantee that your presentation will work.  Every author is ultimately responsible to check that his/her presentation works onsite at the conference.
7. It is recommended that you have a back-up presentation on a Windows readable CD-ROM, USB Memory Stick.
8. For performing the presentation, MS-PowerPoint 2010 under Windows 7  will be used. It is highly recommended that your presentation will have a compatible format.
9. Wherever possible, use illustrations and still images to illustrate the presentation. Movies are acceptable but should only be used where they greatly ease the understanding or demonstration as the use of these often leads to delays and difficulties. When using movies, make sure you put them in the same folder as your presentation. Then use these files when preparing your presentation. Copy the entire folder to the disc. Review these specifications when preparing your presentation. 
10. Standard CODECS for Multimedia files (as provided by a standard installation of Windows 7) are available.
11. Use standard fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New). Under MS-PowerPoint 2010 you can embed Truetype fonts by marking the "Embedded TrueType fonts" option under "Package for CD -> Options. Please keep in mind that only Fonts will be embedded which do not have their own copyright limitations.
12. Presentations which have been created on a Macintosh or a PC running Linux shall be tested on a PC running Windows.
13. Please do not use any kind of password protection on encoding/compression (zip, arc, tar etc) technologies.
14. Please talk slowly and clearly. Remember that this is a conference with worldwide participation.
15. Final bit of advice: a presentation is meant to highlight the features of your paper, and encourage conference delegates to read your paper.  Please do not attempt to cover the full scope of your paper in your presentation.

Link tip: http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00559_Distributing_PPTs_-_Pitfalls-_Panics_-_Pleasures.htm
Please see here some specifications and recommendations for poster presentations during GNC 2014:
1. All Posters and papers shall be in English
2. Posters should be 1.20 meters high and 0.84 meters wide  (A0 standard)
3. It is strongly recommended that posters are laminated or printed on strong glossy card.  A collage of A4 or A3 sheets will not be accepted.
4. Some tips for your poster: Text should be easily readable from a distance of 1 to 1.5 meters. This corresponds approximately to the following letter size for capitals:
   - Title : 15 mm high (size 60)
   - Subtitles : 12 mm high (size 48)
   - Text and figure captions : 7.5 mm high (size 30)
5. All Poster presenters shall confirm their acceptance to present as a poster no later than 15th of March 2014 by registering online to attend the conference.
6. All posters shall be presented by one of the paper authors.  No presenter may submit more than two posters at GNC 2011.
7. The author shall provide an updated final version of their abstract no later than 31st of March 2014, if needed.
8. All Poster presenters shall be present, with their poster at latest Monday evening and shall remain until at least Wednesday evening (set up Tuesday AM, take down Wed PM). Poster presenters are responsible for the setting up and taking down of their own posters, conference management will not take responsibility for any posters.
9. There is a dedicated Poster session on Tuesday evening: presenters shall be available near their poster for the duration of this session in order to answer questions.
10. The production of a full paper in line with the conference template is requested from all poster presenters but is not mandatory. All full papers shall be delivered in MS Word and PDF format on arrival at the conference and shall be published in the proceedings.


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