The European Space Agency is launching the GlobWetland III project (GW-III), a major Earth Observation (EO) application project that will facilitate the exploitation of satellite observations to support effective management of wetlands and the wise use of associated resources in Africa. The GlobWetland III project will build on the findings and achievements of its two precursors: the GlobWetland I project (2003-2008) and the GlobWetland II project (2009-2013).

In order to best scope the project and its partnership, the European Space Agency is organising, jointly with the Ramsar secretariat, a large consultation to engage key international and African stakeholders in the project.

An important milestone in the project preparation is the GlobWetland III user consultation workshop that ESA is organising jointly with the Ramsar Secretariat, at its ESRIN premises, in Frascati nearby Rome on the 17-18 July 2013.

A presentation of the GlobWetland II project will also take place on the 16th July 2013, back to back with the GlobWetland III user consultation workshop.

On the 19th July, Wetlands International will organise a Global Wetland Observing System (GWOS) workshop, which attendance is open to all participants to the GlobWetland III user consultation

The GW-III user consultation workshop (17-18 July), the GW-II project presentation (16 July) and the GWOS workshop (19 July) are all organised on invitation. Request for attendance can be submitted to the organisers through the available registration form.

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