Seas, oceans and coasts constitute a rich and often underestimated resource. They are linked to innovation, growth and employment and they also provide valuable ecosystem services and contribute to numerous socio-economic activities. 

In 2007 the EU adopted an Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) to enhance the development of the European maritime economy. In 2012, as part of the Limassol Declaration,  EU ministers reaffirmed the need to support growth, competitiveness and job creation around the continent’s seas and oceans, via  flexible and dynamic actions. Many of the objectives identified can take advantage of a wider uptake and use of space-based capabilities.

Space systems are vital tools that support marine understanding and economic activities, enhancing both our knowledge of the marine environment and providing innovative solutions for improved management in diverse marine sectors. These include marine renewables, offshore oil and gas production, fisheries, aquaculture and tourism.

Many of these areas require long-term EU investment and cross-border coherence to maintain and enhance current successes and foster expansion throughout Europe. Given the overlapping interests of the space and maritime sectors in job creation and economic growth, there are opportunities to ensure significant synergy in public sector investments in the two domains

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