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  • 7. Observed and Modeled Soil Moisture in Bulgaria
  • 8. Soil Moisture Mapping Using Active Microwave for a Semi-Distributed Hydrologic Model Study Case Study in Turkey
  • 15. Data Assimilation of DTS for Large Scale Distributed Soil Moisture Observations - Jianzhi Dong
  • 16. Closing the Gaps in Our Knowledge of the Hydrological Cycle over Land Conceptual Problems and the Role of Data Assimilation
  • 24. A Preliminary Validation of a Soil Moisture Algorithm on SENTINEL-1 Images
  • 26. Near Real Time Soil Moisture Products from ASCAT
  • 28. Improved Soil Moisture Retrievals from a Physically-based Radiative Transfer Model
  • 29. The SwissSMEX Soil Moisture Network - Lessons Learned
  • 34. Comparison of Metop and SMOS Soil Moisture Retrievals Over Europe34. Comparison of Metop and SMOS Soil Moisture Retrievals Over Europe
  • 37. Evaluation of Remotely Sensed Surface Soil Moisture and an Energy Balance Model Driven by LST Data With Italian in Situ Data- Paola Laiolo
  • 40. Towards optimal rescaling between two measurements
  • 41. The ASACT Mission on Board the METOP Satellites: Calibration, Validation and Performance Monitoring


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