Earth observation data sets are growing in size and variety at an exceptionally fast rate, posing challenges and opportunities for their access, application and archive. This event intends to stimulate discussion between the different communities involved in the business of providing and manipulating very large-scale data and complex analyses of Earth observations. The primary objectives are therefore:

  • To examine current solutions, practices and role of big Earth data services, and identify a common ground
  • To examine issues associated with data organisation and provision, and the associated costs
  • To identify scenarios of data-intensive services, traditional and innovative with respect to new form of processing, enabling additional information derivable from navigation, analytics and correlation of large Earth data sets, and integration across heterogeneous resources
  • To identify challenges, barriers, opportunities for such scenarios, and attempt to define a baseline of activity to make the identified scenarios actionable
  • To critically review current working methods and approaches with respect to the baseline proposal and its application.
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