Oral presentations shall include presentation background, rationale and context, disciplines touched upon, experience and examples, including accurate description of concerned data types and their use, major challenges and limitations, lessons learned, any innovation aspects and recommendations.

Posters shall be dimensioned as height 120 cm, width 80 cm (portrait orientation). Posters titles have to be at the top, 25 mm high and in capital letters. Names of the authors have to be clearly mentioned. Authors will have to put their posters up at their arrival: posters location will correspond to the abstracts number. Authors are requested to be next to their posters during the poster sessions.

Posters can be mounted during the first coffee break of Wednesday 5th June and have to be dismounted no later than the coffee break of Friday 7th June. Posters not dismounted will be disposed of.

Following notification of acceptance,authors can choose if to submit a full paper.

More details regarding full papers submission process and publication will be provided during the event.


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