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      Monday 11 March 2013 - Pre-workshop Programme      
15:00 17:30   Open Forum for Technical Questions and Answers
Location: Lecture room "WIL A317" Building:"Willers-Bau"
Address: Zellescher Weg 12-14, 01069 Dresden

17:30 18:30   Pre-Registration and Welcome Drink, Building "Trefftz-Bau", Zellescher Weg 16      
      CryoSat 2013 Workshop - Preliminary Programme
08:15 08:15   Day 1, Tuesday 12 March 2013       
08:15 08:45   Registration      
08:45 08:45   Opening Session     Chairs: J. Benveniste & 
T. Parrinello
08:45 08:55   Dresden Welcome     TU Dresden
08:55 09:05   ESA Welcome     ESA
09:05 09:45   Seymour Laxon Memorial    R. Cullen / A. Shepherd  ESA / University of Leeds
09:45 09:55   Workshop Objectives   J Benveniste ESA
09:55 10:35   CryoSat Mission Status - Esa's Ice Explorer Mission:two Years in Operations. Status and Achievements    T. Parrinello ESA
10:35 11:10   Coffee Break       
11:10 11:10   Mission, Instrument and Data Processing     Chairs: R. Cullen & M. Roca
11:10 11:30   Cryosat-2: Three Years of Operations (almost)   K. Adamson ESA ESOC
11:30 11:50   Cryosat-2 Precision Orbit Determination including Altimeter Calibration and Validation   E. Schrama TU Delft
11:50 12:10   CryoSat SIRAL FBR, Stack & L1b Calibration with TRP   M. Roca isardSAT
12:10 13:10   Lunch      
13:10 13:30   Measuring  the Effective Along-Track Resolution of CryoSat   M. Scagliola Aresys
13:30 13:50   Pending Anomalies and Problems in CryoSat Data Products   C. Bouzinac ESRIN
13:50 14:10   Cal/Val Campaign Status   M. Davidson ESA 
14:10 14:30   An improved Water Vapour Path Delay Correction for the CryoSat Mission Over the Ocean    J. Stum  CLS
 14:30  14:50    Discussion      
  Cryosphere     Chairs: R. Dietrich & C. Haas
14:50 15:10   Cross-Validating ICESat-1 and CryoSat-2 using Tide Gauge Measurements   N. Pie Center for Space Research
15:10 15:30   A Comparative Analysis of the Sea Ice Freeboard from CryoSat, CryoVEx and IceBridge   S. K. Rose DTU Space
15:30 16:00   Coffee Break       
16:00 16:00   Cryosphere Cont.     Chairs: R. Dietrich & C. Haas
16:00 16:20   Sea Ice Thickness and Volume Changes from CryoSat-2   K. Giles University College London
16:20 16:40   Using CryoSat-2 SARIn mode data over sea ice to correct for off-nadir ranging to leads   T. Armitage University College London
16:40 17:00   In-situ Calibration and Validation of CryoSat-2 Observations over Arctic Sea Ice North of Svalbard and in Fram Strait   S. Gerland Norwegian Polar Institute
17:00 17:20   Mass Balance of Sea Ice in both Hemispheres: Airborne Validation of CryoSat-2 and ICESat Freeboard and Thickness   S. Hendricks Alfred Wegener Institut
17:20 17:40   Discussion      
17:40 19:00   Welcome Drink in Poster Area      
09:00 09:00   Day 2, Wednesday 13 March 2013       
09:00 09:00   Cryosphere Cont.     Chairs: K. Giles & R. Forsberg
09:00 09:20   First Results of Cryosat-2 Performance over Multiyear and Seasonal Sea Ice   J. Beckers University of Alberta
09:20 09:40   Snow Radar Derived Surface Elevations and Snow Depths over Sea-Ice off Greenland During Three Icebridge Campaigns    B. Holt Jet Propulsion Laboratory
09:40 10:00   First Results from a Cryosat-2 Calibration Experiment in the East Antarctic Sea Ice Zone, SIPEX-2   J. Lieser University of Tasmania
10:00 10:20   CryoSat Cal/Val – Accuracy of the CryoSat Products   V. Helm Alfred-Wegener-Institute
10:20 10:50   Coffee Break       
10:50 10:50   Cryosphere Cont.     Chairs: K. Giles & R. Forsberg
10:50 11:10   Ground Validation of CryoSat-2 on Austfonna, Svalbard   K. Langley University of Oslo
11:10 11:30   Greenland Ice Sheet Changes from CryoSat, IceSat and GRACE   R. Forsberg Technical University of Denmark
11:30 11:50   Discussion      
11:50 12:50   Poster Session      
12:50 13:50   Lunch      
13:50 13:50   Cryosphere Cont.     Chairs: A. Shepherd & E. Schrama
13:50 14:10   Validation of CryoSat-2 Products over the Continental East Antarctic Ice Sheet   L. Schröder TU Dresden
14:10 14:30   Constraining Ice Sheet Mass Balance Trends using Cryosat-2 and Laser Altimetry   J. Griggs University of Bristol
14:30 14:50   Analysis of recent Mass Balance of Amery Ice Shelf derived from CryoSat-2 Radar Altimetry   J. Liu Tongji University
14:50 15:10   Mass Depletion of Glaciers on the Northern Antarctic Peninsula observed by Altimeter and SAR Measurements   J. Wuite ENVEO IT
15:10 15:30   Discussion      
15:30 16:00   Coffee Break      
16:00 16:00   Cryosphere Cont.
    Chairs: J. Bamber & V. Helm
16:00 16:20   The Evolution of an Antarctic sub-Glacial Lake from CryoSat Interferometric Mode Observations   M. McMillan University of Leeds
16:20 16:40   The Study of DEM and Height Change from CryoSat Data at Dome A and Grove Mountains, East Antarctica   C. Zhou Wuhan University
16:40 17:00   Alpine Snow, Glaciers and Inland Water Bodies Study in Part of Indian Region using Cryosat-2 Radar Altimeter Data   P. Thakur Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS)
17:00 17:20   Outcome of the Antarctic CryoVEx Campaigns and first CryoSat-2 Validation Results   C. Knöfel TU Dresden
17:20 17:40   Discussion      
08:40 08:40   Day 3, Thursday 14 March 2013       
08:40 08:40   Ocean, Land & Inland Waters     Chairs: W. Smith & C. Gommenginger
08:40 09:00   Cryosat Plus for Oceans: Ocean user Requirements, and Assessment of Cryosat-2 Data   P. D. Cotton Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Ltd
09:00 09:20   Cryosat-2 Ocean Wind and Wave Products: Global Validation and Assimilation   S. Abdalla ECMWF
09:20 09:40   Observing the Ocean using CryoSat-2's Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Mode   K. Giles UCL
09:40 10:00   A Validation Exercise for CRYOSAT-2  in SAR Mode in the German Bight Area   L. Fenoglio-Marc Technical University Darmstadt
10:00 10:20   Quality Assessment of Cryosat-2 Data Over Ocean in LRM&SAR Modes   S. Labroue CLS
10:20 10:40   Discussion      
10:40 11:10   Coffee Break      
11:10 11:10   Ocean, Land & Inland Waters     Chairs: R. Scharroo & N. Picot
11:10 11:30   The Performance of CryoSat-2 as an Ocean Altimeter   R. Scharroo Altimetrics LLC
11:30 11:50   Sensitivity of SAR Mode Altimeter to Swell Effect   T. Moreau CLS
11:50 12:10   Contributions of CryoSat, Envisat, and Jason-1 to Improvements in Global Marine Gravity Accuracy   E.S. Garcia University of California, San Diego
12:10 12:30   Experiments with CryoSat2 FBR SAR Data over Ocean Surfaces   W. Smith NOAA
12:30 12:50   Discussion      
12:50 13:50   Lunch      
13:50 13:50   Ocean, Land & Inland Waters     Chairs: P. Cipollini & L. Fenoglio-Marc 
13:50 14:10   Cryosat Ocean Processor :  Presentation and Preliminary Validation Results   S. Urien CLS
14:10 14:30   Coastal SAR Altimetry Data from the eSurge Processor   P. Cipollini National Oceanography Centre
14:30 14:50   Analysis and Inter-Calibration of Wet Path Delay Datasets to compute the Wet Tropospheric Correction for CS-2 over Ocean   M. J. Fernandes University of Porto
14:50 15:10   Applications of CryoSat-2 SAR & SARin Modes for the Monitoring of River Water Levels   N. Bercher LEGOS/CNRS
15:10 15:40   Coffee Break      
15:40 15:40   Ocean, Land & Inland Waters     Chairs: P. Cipollini & L. Fenoglio-Marc 
15:40 16:00   Performance of CryoSat-2 in SARIN Mode over Great Rivers   S. Calmant LEGOS/IRD
16:00 16:20   Inland Water SAR Altimetry: New Techniques and Methods for the hydrological Exploitation of CryoSat Data   S. Dinardo SERCO/ESRIN
16:20 16:40   Discussion      
16:40 16:40   Closing Session     Chairs: J. Benveniste & T. Parrinello
16:40 17:10   Open Forum      
17:10 17:40   Conclusion and General Discussion      
17:40 17:50   Workshop Closure      
      Poster Session - Scheduled on Wednesday, 11:50-12:50      
      Mission, Instrument and data processing      
      The CryoSat Payload Data Ground Segment and Data Processing   B. Frommknecht ESA/ESRIN
      Operational and Reprocessed CryoSat Product Quality Assessment   R. Mannan Telespazio VEGA
      CryoSat-2 SIRAL Calibration: Strategy, Application and Results   M. Fornari ESA
      Long-term Antarctic Surface Elevation Trends from Satellite Radar and Laser Altimetry   B. C. Gunter Delft University of Technology
      Evaluation of CryoSAT-2 for Height Retrieval over the Himalayan Range   A. Dehecq Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg (IPGS)
      CryoSat-2's SARIn Mode in the Coastal Regions of Greenland   A. Horvath TU Munich
      Cryosphere: Recognizing the Culture of Space-Based EO Applications in Canada's Northern Regions Management   G. Aubè Canadian Space Agency
      Potential Synergy of RADARSAT-2 and Cryosat-2 for Sea Ice Volume Flux Estimates in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago   S.E.L. Howell Environment Canada
      Application of CryoSat-2 GDR data from DEM generation of Antarctica   F. Wang Beijing Normal University
      Sea Ice Measurements in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica for the Validation of Remotely Sensed Sea Ice Properties.   D. Price (presented by Justin Becker) University of Canterbury
      Comparison of Sea Ice Freeboard and Thickness Distributions from Aircraft Data & CryoSat-2   R. Ricker Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
      CryoSat Radar Altimetry over Antarctic Sea Ice   R. Tilling Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling
      Waveform Analysis of CryoSat's Radar Altimeter System over Arctic Sea Ice   M. Zygmuntowska Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
      CryoSat-2 Waveform Shape and Signal Penetration along the 2011 Greenland Inland Traverse   T. Overly Dartmouth College
      Ocean - Mission, Instrument and data processing      
      Performance of ESA Cryosat-2 GDR Data over Open Ocean   D. Dettmering Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut (DGFI)
      Quality Assessment of Cryosat-2 ESA Level 2 Products Over Ocean   S. Labroue CLS
      Preliminary Analysis between CPP Retracker and SAMOSA Retracker over open Ocean in SAR Mode   S. Dinardo SERCO/ESRIN
      An improved Water Vapour Path Delay Correction for the Cryosat Mission over the Ocean   J. Stum CLS
      Coastal Ocean      
      Coastal SAR Altimetry: An Experiment in the Northern Caspian Sea   S. Dinardo SERCO/ESRIN
      Ocean Circulation      
      A preliminary Arctic Ocean mean dynamic Topography using CryoSat & GOCE   S.F. Thomas Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling
      Land & Inland Waters      
      CRUCIAL - CryoSat+ Inland Water and Land   R.G. Smith EAPRS Lab
      Applications of Cryosat-2 SARin and LRM Modes for Lakes Monitoring   J.-F. Cretaux LEGOS/CNES
      Cryosat-2 SAR Mode over the Eastern Amazon Basin   S. Calmant LEGOS/IRD
      Outreach and User Tools       
      A Toolkit for CryoSat Investigations by the ESRIN EOP-SER Altimetry Team    S. Dinardo SERCO/ESRIN
      BRAT: The Basic Radar Altimetry User Toolbox for CryoSat Products   B. Lucas DEIMOS-ESRIN
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