Introduction and Scope for the 2nd SCC Workshop

Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a very treacherous and complex phenomenon occurring occurs in engineering materials, typically metals, but also ceramics and polymers, by slow environmentally induced crack propagation. Cracks can initiate and propagate with little outside evidence of corrosion and in many cases its mechanisms have not been fully understood.

This workshop is organised in recognition of this fact and that for special space applications, like propulsion systems, no standard qualification methods and procedures exist with respect to the SCC resistance of materials in special environments. In this light, it is felt that sharing and refreshing the existing knowledge and practical experience will be of great benefit to European industry. It will also be another step towards the standardisation of stress-corrosion testing and a European SCC materials database.

The scope of the workshop is to promote the discussion and exchange of knowledge among the European industry and research centres that have experience or are interested in the subject of stress-corrosion cracking of materials exposed to severe marine or hazardous environments.

We are looking forward to meeting an international audience here at ESTEC in November 2013, both from inside and outside the ESA member states! 

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