John R. Pierce Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics

Nominations are solicited for the 2013 John R. Pierce Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics. Any member of the vacuum electronics community may submit a nomination as described at the Electron Devices Society Vacuum Electronics website: (click on the John R. Pierce Award link).

The John R. Pierce Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics (formerly IVEC Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics) was established in 2002 in association with the International Vacuum Electron Conference to recognize outstanding contributions to the field. An individual or group of persons working in the field of vacuum electronics is eligible for this award, which will be presented each year during the IVEC conference. Anyone in the field may nominate a colleague for this award. Selection of the winner will be made by a vote of the members of the EDS Technical Committee. Members of the Technical Committee who are nominees may not vote. Only living persons are eligible for the award. The winner will receive a commemorative plaque and an award of $2000. If a group nomination is selected for the award they will each receive a plaque and share the $2000.

Submit your nomination for the 2013 Award by January 30, 2013 to the Awards Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee, Dr. Dan Goebel. 

IVEC Best Student Paper Award

The IVEC Best Student Paper Award was introduced at IVEC 2004 to recognize and promote exceptional student contributions to the field. IVEC 2013 will continue the tradition of selecting an outstanding, student-authored and student-presented paper for the honour of "Best Student Paper Award".
Eligible papers are those with a student as the principle author and presenter, and the paper must be identified as a student paper when the abstract is submitted. Students are considered as individuals pursuing a baccalaureate or graduate degree at the time of the conference or during the past year when the work was completed. After ranking by the Technical Program Committee, six student papers are selected for finalist consideration. Finalist students will present a 10 minute synopsis talk on their work on Tuesday evening during the conference, and from these brief summary talks a winner will be selected. The award will include an engraved plaque and a 500 Euro check.