Meeting Aim
The aim of the meeting is:

To seek feedback and inputs from the calibration/validation community at an early stage to facilitate effective planning and subsequent implementation of calibration and validation activities.

Meeting Objectives
The meeting has been designed to address the following objectives:

1. Assemble experience gained from previous relevant mission cal/val activities and seek inputs and feedback from the International cal/val and user community based on historical and contemporary missions, activities and approaches;
2. Present an overview and the status of current Sentinel-3 Cal/Val planning;
3. Review lessons learned from previous mission commissioning phase instrument calibration activities;
4. Identify any gaps in current Sentinel-3 cal/val planning;
5. Distinguish and establish cal/val priorities;
6. Learn about community activities (e.g cruise, FP7 activities, GMES services) that may contribute to Sentinel-3 cal/val;
7. Support the establishment of the Sentinel-3 Cal/Val team and S3 Cal/Val organization;
8. Raise interest for S3 Cal/Val Team participation;
9. Develop an inventory of potential cal/val activities.

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