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Day 1 - 13.11.2012
Welcome and Introduction Ryabinin Vladimir Session Chair
09:30 10:00 Welcome and introductory words (few words from ESA, CliC and EGU and welcome from ESA) (ESA, EGU, CliC)    
10:00 10:30 Key note from ESA IPY Satellite Earth Observation Achievements and Perspectives for Future Coordinated Cryosphere Observations Drinkwater Mark ESA
10:30 11:00 Key note from CliC (scientific strategy and objectives from CliC) Steffen Konrad Univ. of Colorado, USA, Representing CliC SSG
11:00 11:30 Key note from EGU (key issues in EO for Cryosphere research Bamber Jonathan Univ. of Bristol, Representing EGU
11:30 11:50 Coffee Break      
Lakes, rivers, hydrology and permafrost Duguay Claude Session Chair
Heim Birgit Session Chair
11:50 12:10 SAR Interferometry for Surface Deformation Monitoring on Permafrost Areas in Alaska Strozzi Tazio Gamma Remote Sensing
12:10 12:30 Application of satellite Data and in situ Observations for Studies of Ice and Snow Regime of Lakes and internal Seas Kouraev Alexei LEGOS-OMP
12:30 12:50 Response of Ice Cover in shallow Arctic Lakes to contemporary climate Conditions : SAR Data Analysis and Modeling Surdu Cristina University of Waterloo
12:50 13:10 Global Soil Frost Detection Using L-Band Remote Sensing Data Jouni Pulliainen Finnish Meteorological Institute
13:10 13:30 ESA DUE PERMAFROST: Circumpolar Remote Sensing Service for Permafrost: Evaluation and Application Case Studies Heim Birgit Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
13:30 14:30 Lunch      
Snow, snow albedo and snow water equivalent I Macelloni Giovanni Session Chair
Pulliainen Jouni Session Chair
14:30 14:50 The new operational NASA AMSR-E SWE Algorithm  Tedesco Marco CUNY
14:50 15:10 CoReH2O, a Candidate Earth Explorer Mission for Snow and Ice Observations Rott Helmut University of Innsbruck
15:10 15:30 High fidelity snow covered Area and dust/black carbon radiative Forcing in Snow from MODIS Painter Thomas Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15:30 15:50 Ku and X-band scatterometer Measurements and Retrievals of terrestrial Snow in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada Kelly Richard University of Waterloo
15:50 16:10 Evolution of SWE in the seasonal Snowpack based on field Measurements in Hemavan compiled for ASAR Validation Ingvander Susanne Stockholm University
16:10 16:30 Coffee Break      
Snow, snow albedo and snow water equivalent II Painter Thomas Session Chair
Strozzi Tazio Session Chair
16:30 16:50 Trend of northern hemisphere seasonal snow Cover and Albedo for a Period of 30 Years based on ESA DUE GLOBSNOW Pulliainen Jouni Finnish Meteorological Institute
16:50 17:10 Seasonal and inter-annual Evolution of snow grain Size in Antarctica and Consequences for the snow-albedo Feedback Picard Ghislain UJF/CNRS - Laboratoire de Glaciologie
17:10 17:30 Assessment of Snow Accumulation on Northern Hemisphere Based on CMIP5 Simulations and Satellite-Based Data Records Luojus Kari Finnish Meteorological Institute
17:30 17:50 Feasibility Study on Snow Property Extraction based on Differential SAR Interferometry Leinss Silvan ETH Zürich
17:50 18:10 Retrieval of Subsurface snow grain Size, snow Temperature and Albedo  from a Satellite Kokhanovsky Alexander University of Bremen
18:10 18:30 Round Table Discussion: Cryosphere in the water cycle      
18:30 19:30 Poster session and cocktail      
Day 2 - 14.11.2012
Reducing uncertainties in mass balance estimates I Joughin Ian Session Chair
Scharma Ernst Session Chair
08:50 09:20 Wake up key note: A reconciled Estimate of ice sheet mass Balance Shepherd Andrew University of Leeds
09:20 09:40 Mass loss of Greenland and Antarctica from GRACE and IceSat/CryoSat Forsberg Rene Technical University of Denmark
09:40 10:00 Glacier response after Disintegration of Northern Larsen Ice Shelf observed by multisensor Satellite Data   Rott Helmut Univ. Innsbruck and ENVEO IT
10:00 10:20 A Synthesis of 9 Years of Envisat altimeter Results over the Antarctic ice Sheet Remy Frederique CNRS
10:20 10:40 Status and Update on time-variable gravity Observations of ice sheet Mass balance with GRACE: Precision and Limitations. Isabella Velicogna University of California Irvine
10:40 11:00 Ice Sheet Mass Balance: Determining Accumulation and Dynamic Driven Changes from Satellite-Altimeter Measurements Zwally H. Jay NASA Goddard SFC
11:00 11:20 Coffee Break      
Reducing uncertainties in mass balance estimates II Payne Antony Session Chair
Velicogna Isabella Session Chair
11:20 11:40 Combining GRACE and a regional climate Model for improved spatial resolution Mass Balance and use dynamic Estimates Tedesco Marco CUNY
11:40 12:00 Global mass balances reconstructed from GRACE level 2 temporal gravity data. Schrama Ernst TU Delft 
12:00 12:20 Ice dynamics at Transantarctic Mountain glaciers analysed by a combination of satellite SAR and field data Rack Wolfgang University of Canterbury
12:20 12:40 Combining satellite altimetry and gravimetry data to improve Antarctic mass balance and GIA estimates Gunter Brian Delft University of Technology
12:40 13:00 Improved Determination of ice sheet Discharge from NASA IceBridge, Satellite Radar Interferometry Data and other Data. Rignot Eric UC Irvine and Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13:00 14:30 Poster Lunch      
Reducing uncertainties in mass balance estimates III v. d. Broeke Michiel Session Chair
Zwally Jay Session Chair
14:30 14:50 Snow Accumulation Over the Ice Sheets: How Reliable Is the Retrieval From Satellite Data? Dierking Wolfgang Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
14:50 15:10 Overview of ice2sea projections for the contribution of the Antarctic ice sheet to sea level over the next century Payne Antony University of Bristol
15:10 15:30 Improving volume Loss estimate of the Greenland Ice Sheet Khan Shfaqat Abbas DTU Space, National Space Institute
15:30 15:50 Partitioning peripheral Glacier and ice sheet Mass Change in Antarctica Colgan William CIRES, University of Colorado
15:50 16:10 Impact of firn Processes on Antarcic ice sheet elevation Changes Ligtenberg Stefan University Utrecht
16:10 16:30 Coffee Break      
Ice Sheet Dynamics Rignot Eric Session Chair
Shepherd Andrew Session Chair
16:30 16:50 Results from the Greenland Ice Mapping Project Joughin Ian  APL, University of Washington
16:50 17:10 Adaptive mesh modelling of the Amundsen sea sector glaciers Cornford Stephen  University of Bristol
17:10 17:30 Antarctic instability and possible associated contribution to sea-level rise  Ritz Catherine Université de Grenoble/CNRS
17:30 17:50 Ice_Sheets_CCI: Essential Climate Variables for the Greenland Ice Sheet Forsberg Rene Technical University of Denmark
17:50 18:10 Surface elevation Change in the interior North Greenland, 2007-2012: annual Variation and Trends Hvidberg Christine University of Copenhagen
18:10 18:30 Round Table Discussion: Mass Balance      
18:30 19:30 Poster session and cocktail      
Day 3 - 15.11.2012
Ice Shelves Rott Helmut Session Chair
Scambos Ted Session Chair
08:50 09:20 Wake up key Note: Remote Sensing of Lake Ice: Progress and Prospects  Duguay Claude University of Waterloo
09:20 09:40 Basal melt Rates of Antarctic Ice Shelves estimated from Satellite Data Moholdt Geir Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
09:40 10:00 Interannual-to-decadal Variability of Antarctic ice shelf Elevations from multi-mission satellite Radar Altimetry Paolo Fernando Scripps Institution of Oceanography
10:00 10:20 Integrating Satellite, airborne, and in situ Observations to assess the Stability of the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica McGrath Daniel University of Colorado
10:20 10:40 Melt extent, duration and ponding on ice shelves from Envisat ASAR Luckman Adrian Swansea University
10:40 11:00 Ice-shelf Melt Rates in Antarctica Rignot Eric UC Irvine and Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11:00 11:20 Coffee Break      
Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions  Kern Stefan Session Chair   
Dierking Wolfgang Session Chair
11:20 11:40 Estimation of Arctic sea surface Currents from satellite ice drift Data Girard-Ardhuin Fanny IFREMER
11:40 12:00 Arctic Sea Ice, Clouds and the Atmosphere Interactions from Satellite Observations Liu Yinghui CIMSS, UW-Madison
12:00 12:20 Sea ice Modelling in a coupled global  ocean-ice Model Tang Yongming ECMWF
12:20 12:40 Towards Quantifying Recent Glacial Retreat around Greenland: Insights from a High Resolution Coupled Ocean-Sea Ice Model Fenty Ian California Institute of Technology
12:40 13:00 Combining SAR Images with an iceberg drift Model for improving mass loss Estimations caused by Iceberg Calving Wesche Christine Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
13:00 14:30 Poster Lunch      
Glaciers and Ice Caps I Paul Frank Session Chair
Rack Wolfgang Session Chair
14:30 14:50 Early 21st century glacier mass Change in the Hindu Kush - Karakoram - Himalaya derived from ICESat Kääb Andreas University of Oslo
14:50 15:10 Surface elevation Changes and Velocities on the Southern Patagonia Icefield derived from TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Data Floricioiu Dana German Aerospace Center (DLR)
15:10 15:30 Coherence and Feature Tracking Study (CaFTS)  Hogg Anna ESA and The University of Leeds
15:30 15:50 Emergence and submergence of glacier flow in major Greenland outlet glaciers Gourmelen Noel Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg
15:50 16:10 Monitoring snow Layers of the Antarctic Ice-Cap using reflected Signals: GNSS and the Sun as Sources of Opportunity Macelloni Giovanni IFAC - CNR
16:10 16:30 Coffee Break      
Glaciers and Ice Caps II Steffen Konrad Session Chair
Bamber Jonathan Session Chair
16:30 16:50 A globally complete Map of Glaciers and Icecaps derived from remote sensing Data Paul Frank University of Zurich
16:50 17:10 Irreversible Mass Loss from Canadian Arctic Glaciers Lenaerts Jan  Utrectht University
17:10 17:30 Analysis of glacier mass Balance and Rheology of Kekesayi Glacier using Hexagon KH-9, ALOS-PRISM and SAR Data Holzer Nicolai Institute for Cartography, Technische University Dresden
17:30 17:50 Modelling Polsar Scattering Signatures at long Wavelengths of glacier Ice Volumes          Parrella Giuseppe German Aerospace Center (DLR)
17:50 18:30 Round Table Discussion: Glaciers and Ice Caps      
18:30 19:30 Poster session and cocktail      
Day 4 - 16.11.2012
Sea Ice I Howell Stephen Session Chair
Gerland Sebastian Session Chair
08:50 09:20 Wake up key note: Sea ice thickness and Ice Volume from CryoSat-2
Laxon Seymour University College London
09:20 09:40 Sea ice Concentration as an Essential Climate Variable
Pedersen Leif Toudal Danish Meteorological Institute
09:40 10:00 Gridding uncertainties in remote sensing of sea ice concentration : preliminary results from the ESA CCI Sea Ice project Lavergne Thomas Meteorologisk Institutt
10:00 10:20 Distribution and character of multi-year/multi-decadal fast ice east of Mertz Glacier, East Antarctica Young Neal AAD and ACE CRC
10:20 10:40 Development and Validation of the ERS and ENVISAT radar Altimeter based sea ice Thickness in the ESA Sea Ice CCI Project Mäkynen Marko Finnish Meteorological Institute
10:40 11:00 The Potential of improving seasonal sea ice Forecasts using SMOS Data Kaleschke Lars Institut für Meereskunde, KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg
11:00 11:20 Coffee Break      
Sea Ice II Giles Katharine Session Chair
Pedersen Leif Toudal  Session Chair
11:20 11:40 Sea Ice Deformation in Satellite Remote Sensing Data and in a Coupled Ocean-Sea Ice Model: 1996-2008 Spreen Gunnar Norwegian Polar Institute
11:40 12:00 Sea ice area Flux between the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and the Arctic Ocean and Baffin Bay from RADARSAT: 1997-2011 Howell Stephen Environment Canada
12:00 12:20 Estimation of sea-ice Thickness in Ross and Weddell Seas from SSM/I brightness Temperatures Aulicino Giuseppe Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope
12:20 12:40 In-situ Calibration and Validation of CryoSat-2 Observations over Arctic first Year sea ice on North Svalbard Wang Caixin Norwegian Polar Institute
12:40 13:00 Stick your nose into the snow – Validation of satellite sea ice observations Haas Christian York University
13:00 14:30 Poster Lunch      
Sea Ice III Kaleschke Lars Session Chair
Haas Christian Session Chair
14:30 14:50 The Arctic Ocean’s dynamic topography and sea ice thickness from the ERS-2 and Envisat radar altimetry missions Giles Katharine University College London
14:50 15:10 Evolution of the surface Albedo of Arctic Sea Ice between 1982-2009 Riihelä Aku Finnish Meteorological Institute
15:10 15:30 Comparison of feature based Segmentation of SAR satellite sea ice Images with manually drawn Ice-Charts. Moen Mari-Ann University of Tromsø
15:30 15:50  Arctic Sea Ice Dynamics for Global Climate Models:  GlobICE Products and Results Baker Steve University College London
15:50 16:10 Comparison of Sea Ice Freeboard Distributions from Aircraft Data and CryoSat-2 Ricker Robert Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
16:10 16:30 Round Table Discussion: Sea Ice      
16:30 17:00 Final Summary, Discussion and Closure