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All posters presented at the ESA-CliC-EGU Cryosphere conference will be displayed on every day of the conference.

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Lakes, Rivers Hydrology and Permafrost    
Advances in airborne Remote Sensing of hydrologic Change in cold Regions Cherry Jessica
Spatiotemporal variability in thermokarst lake distribution in Western Siberia  Mård Karlsson Johanna
Use of Remote Sensing for Studies of hydrological Regime of the permafrost-affected Watersheds of Western Siberia  Zakharova Elena
Cold-regions river surface velocity Fields observed from tracking River Ice in Space Imagery Kääb Andreas
Very high resolution SAR data for Glacial Lake Monitoring Wiesmann Andreas
Scientific preparations for the Candidate Earth Explorer 7 mission CoReH2O Kern Michael
Circumpolar freeze/thaw Surface Status and Surface Soil Moisture from Metop ASCAT Bartsch Annett
Polarimetric Observations of Tundra Landscapes with RADARSAT-2 Sobiech Jennifer
Assessing Phytal Pigment Content in Polar Ecosystem Community by Remote Sensing and in situ Investigation   Micheli Carla
Global Fiducials Program Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere and Cold Regions Processes Molnia Bruce
Monitoring Snow,Glaciers and Lake Ice using Earth Observation Data in the GMES Project Cryoland  Nagler Thomas
Snow, Snow Albedo and Snow Water Equivalent    
VIIRS Snow Products Appel Igor
Unmanned measurements of snow pack radiative properties. Burkhart John
The snow surface Evolution at Dome C, Antarctica, by in-situ near-infrared Photography and passive Microwave Satellite Champollion Nicolas
European Snow Cover Characteristics between 2000 and 2011 derived from improved MODIS Daily Snow Cover Products  Dietz  Andreas
A satellite-based snow Cover Climatology for the European Alps derived from AVHRR Data (1985-2011) Hüsler Fabia 
Backscatter Signatures of seasonal Snow Cover at X and Ku Bands  Lemmetyinen Juha
Feasibility of ESA GlobSnow Snow Extent to boreal forest zone climate change studies Metsämäki Sari
The DMRT-ML Model: numerical Simulations of the microwave Emission of Snowpacks based on the Dense Media Theory Picard Ghislain
Towards an understanding of the snow pack response at microwave frequencies through high resolution snow measurements.  Proksch Martin
Comparing high resolution snow Characterization on the regional Scale with airborne SAR Measurements   Proksch Martin
Study on the passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the shallow snow Cover over Tibetan Plateau Area, China Qiu Yubao
Effect of Grain Properties on Infrared Retrievals of Snow Grain Size Richardson Mark
Improvements in snow monitoring using a coupled snow evolution – microwave emission model Royer Alain
Snow Cover Changes Over Turkey Tekeli Ahmet Emre
Investigating the relationship  between Eurasian snow and the Arctic Oscillation in observations and models Clifford Debbie
SIOS - Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System Lonar Barth  Vigdis
New Insights on Variability and Change in the Canadian Cryosphere using Satellite Data Sets Walker Anne
Reducing Uncertainties in Mass Balance Estimates    
CryoSat cal/val Activities on Austfonna - Part I: Ground-based Monitoring of firn Extent and Thickness Dunse Thorben
Volume Change of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from repeat-track Altimetry Flament Thomas
Constraining ice Sheet Mass Balance Trends using Cryosat-2 and laser Altimetry Bamber Jonathan
Ku-Band Penetration obtained from airborne Radar and Laser Altimetry and TerraSAR-X in a blue ice Area in Antarctica Helm Veit
Mass change Estimates from satellite Altimetry (1996-2008) in the Amundsen Sea Embayment, West-Antarctica Hurkmans Ruud
CryoSat cal/val Activities on Austfonna - Part II: Ground-based Ku-band Radar for Validation of the CryoSat-2 SIRAL Langley Kirsty
Impact of firn Processes on Antarcic ice sheet elevation Changes Ligtenberg Stefan
Connecting Glaciers to 150 lake level Changes at the Tibetan Plateau. Vu Phan Hien
Antarctic Ice Sheet Topography from CryoSat-2 interferometric mode Data McMillan Malcolm
Radar and Laser Altimeter Elevation Measurements Comparison for Antarctica Ice Sheet Michel Aurelie
Investigating February 2000 snow cover/radar penetration on glaciers by comparing C-band and X-band SRTM DEMs Nuth  Christopher
Combining satellite and aircraft measurements to investigate the geometry and dynamics of outlet glaciers in Greenland. Palmer Steven
Validation and Inter-Comparison of ice velocity Fields from SAR Data – Preliminary Results of Round Robin Experiments Scharrer Kilian
First results for mass balance estimates from GRACE, radar altimetry, InSAR, and RCM data for the Amundsen Sea Embayment Schoen Nana
Interpolation of accumulation Rates by means of airborne Remote Sensing Steinhage Daniel
Improving Surface Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet through Assimilation of Multi-Sensor Satellite Products    Tedesco Marco
Enhanced spatial resolution Melting over Antarctica and linkages to Climate Drivers Tedesco Marco
Net total land ice Loss from space-based and in situ global Observations over the recent Years  Cazenave Anny
An Exponential Model of Altimeter Waveform  Yurchak Boris
ICESat-2: The next-generation spaceborne laser altimetry mission to measure ice sheet elevation and sea ice thickness Markus Thorsten
First Assessments of Predicted ICESat-2 Performance Using Aircraft Data Neumann Thomas
IceBridge Airborne Mission Data and Services at the National Snow and Ice Data Center Brodzik  Mary Jo
Melt Increase and the Impact on mass Balance of Glaciers in the Nuuk Fjord Region, Southwest Greenland  Van As  Dirk
Ice Sheet Dynamics    
Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Features of the East Antarctic Plateau by Means of Microwave Emission Data      Brogioni Marco
Snow grain and atmospheric circulation effects on 89 GHz passive microwave brightness temperatures over East Antarctica Brown Ian
Adaptive mesh modelling of the Amundsen sea sector glaciers Cornford Stephen
Grounding Lines and ice Plains in Antarctica using driving Stress Depoorter Mathieu
Geophysical Parameters of outlet Glaciers in the Transantarctic Mountains from TerraSAR-X Floricioiu Dana
Aerial Photographs Reveal Late 20th Century Dynamic Ice Loss in Northwestern Greenland Kjær Kurt
Comparison between Velocities of the Drygalski ice Tongue (Antarctica) obtained with COSMO-SkyMED and ERS Tandem Pairs Lugli Andrea
Ice Velocity in Antarctica over the last 16 Years Mouginot Jeremie
Ice Sheet Velocity Mapped from Space:
An IPY Success Story and the Way Forward
Mouginot Jeremie
Temporal Variations of surface Velocity and Topography of outlet Glaciers in South-West Greenland from X-Band SAR Data Scharrer Kilian
Models of Iceberg Calving in Greenland Taylor Andrew
Dynamic Variability of four major outlet Glaciers in Greenland  Faezeh Nick
A new SMB-elevation feedback Parameterisation for Greenland Edwards Tamsin
Ice - Ocean Interactions    
Linkages between thermodynamic Processes operating within melting first-Year Arctic Sea Ice and Satellite SAR Signatures Landy Jack
The Impact of winds and sea Surface Temperatures on sea-ice Extent in the Area north of Svalbard Pavlova Olga
Spring-Summer first-year Sea Ice geophysical and biophysical Information from polarimetric C band Radar: early Results  Scharien  Randall 
Initialisation and Assimilation of sea ice Data  in a coupled global ocean-ice Model Tang Yongming
Impact of Northern hemisphere Snow on the Arctic Ocean in a climate Model  Clifford Debbie
Arctic Tides from GPS on sea ice Rose Stine Kildegaard
Drift, thickness, and area of icebergs in the Southern Ocean Young Neal
OCOC: from Ocean Colour to Organic Carbon Heim Birgit
Calving at Pine Island Glacier  Humbert Angelika
Glaciers and Ice Caps    
Ice surface velocities in West Greenland derived from SAR and GPS Andersen Signe Bech
The Karakoram anomaly: ice dynamics, advances and glacier surges derived from multi-mission satellite data Braun Matthias
Mapping glaciological parameters from high-resolution SAR data on the Antarctic Peninsula Braun Matthias
Evaluation of glacier Changes in the Central Karakoram National Park (CKNP, Pakistan) from Landsat data Analysis Diolaiuti Guglielmina
Evaluation of volume and thickness Changes occured in the Time Frame 2000-2011 at some selected Chilean Glaciers  Diolaiuti Guglielmina
Anvancing in monitoring temperate Glaciers using Ultra-Fine-Beam Mode InSAR Offset-Tracking Ford Andrew
Glacier-surface Velocities in alpine Area from Terra-SAR-X satellite Imagery-Comparison with GPS Measurements. Gay Michel
Evaluation of CryoSAT-2 for height retrieval over the Himalayan range Gourmelen Noel 
Dynamics and Regionalization of Central Asian Glaciers
by remote sensing Data
Konovalov Vladimir
An Evaluation of the interferometric Mode on Cryosat 2 to generate Elevations over Devon Ice Cap, Canada. Laurence Gray
Analysis of surface energy Balance in Glaciers using radar imagery Data (Case Study: ALBORZ Mountains) Najibi Nasser
Surface Velocity and ice Discharge of Glaciers on Livingston Island, Antarctica Navarro Francisco
Analyses of dynamics of Purogangri ice cap (central Tibetan Plateau) by means of SAR interferometry Neckel Niklas
Identification of ablation Rate and ELA using Transient Snowline Variation on two Circumpolar Arctic Glaciers Pelto Mauri
Detecting Changes in melt regime Patterns and melt Dynamics of Icefields using passive microwave brightness Temperatures Semmens Kathryn
Satellite map Series of long-term Elevation Changes on Eurasia's northernmost Ice Caps Sharov Aleksey
 Assessing glacier area change in Norway using topographical maps and optical satellite images  Winsvold  Solveig Havstad
Sea Ice    
The Observation of the thin-ice thickness Distribution within the Laptev Sea Polynya using MODIS Data Adams Susanne
Seasonal Changes of Thickness, freeboard and snow Depth for multiyear and first-year Ice in the Arctic Alexandrov Vitaly
Demonstration of X-band SAR Interferometry over Baltic fast Ice  Berg  Anders
Antarctic sea ice Thickness Retrieval, possible Limitations, Uncertainties and Recommendations Djepa Vera
Documenting local ice Dynamics around Nunavik's marine Infrastructures through Remote Sensing and local K Gauthier Yves
Sea ice satellite Products available at Ifremer/CERSAT Girard-Ardhuin Fanny
Continuous in-situ, airborne and ship-borne Observations for Validation of sea ice remote sensing Data Hendricks Stefan
Near Real Time data Products on Thickness of thin Sea Ice and sea ice Albedo Heygster Georg
Comparison of local sea ice Motion at a Polynia from SAR Observations and model Simulations Hollands Thomas
Sensitivity of Airborne 1.4 GHz Measurements to variable sea Ice Thickness in the Canadian Arctic Howell Stephen
Sensitivity of airborne 1.4 GHz Measurements to variable sea ice Thickness in the Canadian Arctic Howell Stephen
Dual-Polarisation SAR Sea Ice Type Classification and Iceberg Detection in the western Fram Strait Hughes Nick
Classification of Arctic sea ice with combined C- and L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar Hughes Nick
MAiSIE, a novel airborne electromagnetic sensor concept for validation of satellite sea-ice thickness retrieval  Hunkeler Priska
BRDF of bare Sea Ice: the Comparisons of the Observations and Measurements Kokhanovsky Alexander
Sea Ice Motion Estimation in the Marginal Ice Zone Using Polarimetric SAR Kræmer Thomas
Variability and trends in Laptev Sea ice outflow between 1992 - 2011 Krumpen Thomas
TanDEM-X interferometric and polarimetric Data for Analysis of ice Topography and Conditions around fixed Structures in the Casp Lang Oliver
The Impact of Snow and the ice Properties on the Retrieval of thin sea ice Thickness with SMOS Maaß Nina
Development fast ice Detection and thin ice thickness estimation Algorithms for AMSR-E in the Antarctic Ocean. Nihashi Sohey
Comparison of Terra Nova Bay Polynya Extent as measured by Envisat/ASAR and Cosmo-Skymed Images Parmiggiani Flavio
Increase of sea ice drift Velocities in the Arctic Ocean Pavlov Vladimir
Calipso Surface return for Ice and Water Detection    Rodier Sharon
Sea Ice Downstream Services for Arctic and Antarctic Sandven Stein
Automatic landfast sea ice mapping using AMSR-E passive microwave imagery Selyuzhenok Valeria
A multisensor and modeling Approach for the spatial Distribution of sea ice Thickness in the seasonal Sea Ice Region Similä Markku
Sea ice thickness estimation with SMOS and its validation in Arctic Tian-Kunze Xiangshan
Sea Ice Thickness Estimation and Inter-comparisons from Different Satellite Data Wang Xuanji
Structure and Dynamics of Arctic Sea-Ice leads from MODIS Data  Willmes Sascha
Use of CryoSats radar Altimeter System for sea ice Classification Zygmuntowska Marta
Sea ice and primary productivity Variations in the Arctic on the Base of remote sensed Data Sychev Vitaly
20-years of the ocean Wind Record in the marginal Arctic Seas: Analysis and Data Comparison Maksimovich Elena
Preparations by the Canadian Ice Service for Future EO Missions Arkett Matt