CubeSat Workshop

In the last five years, the CubeSat world has dramatically evolved and developed. The CubeSat story started about 10 years ago with local initiatives, mainly from universities, where almost every piece of the CubeSat hardware and software had to be specifically designed and developed for each mission. Nowadays, many players offer off-the-shelf solutions for most of CubeSat subsystems, software and ground stations,  up to launch services. Many subsystems can even be purchased on the web. At the same time, CubeSats maximum size has grown from about 1kg to more than 6kg that allow for accommodation of reasonably high performance payloads. This fast evolution has greatly improved both the accessibility and the performance of CubeSats for the benefit of end users.
Given the succes of the 2010 event, this year again a specific parallel session and a workshop will be dedicated to CubeSats.

Aims and Scope
The aims of the Workshop are:

  • to foster a dialogue between CubeSat actors (developers, end users, on the design, development, testing, production and in-flight experience of CubeSats and related activities (ground stations, launchers, ...).
  • to provide a networking opportunity as well as a presentation platform for companies and organisations and to encourage the transfer of technology to and from space applications.
  • to promote awareness that CubeSats can contribute to new space opportunities, as a single spacecraft, a constellation or in combination with larger space infrastructures.

The areas listed below are expected to be the main scope of the CubeSat workshop.

  • CubeSat development & Flight Experiences (recent past or ongoing missions, lessons
    learned, education/engineering best practices)
  • CubeSat Kits & Deployment Systems (e.g. commercially available mechanical,
    electrical, radio, solar panel kits & deployers)
  • Scientific Missions & Instruments
  • Technology Demonstration using CubeSats
  • CubeSat Ground Segment & Operations (e.g. GENSO network, new ground station
    technologies & operational methods/techniques/software)
  • CubeSat Networks & Applications (e.g, distributed sensor networks such as Space
    weather & atmospheric constellations, radio astronomy interferometry swarm, and
    applications such as low-cost communications relay/asset tracking, disaster
    monitoring etc.)
  • Planned CubeSat Missions
  • Future Flight Opportunities for CubeSats (e.g. upcoming launch opportunities and
    launch services.)


The CubeSat Programme is available from the programme page of this website.

Calendar of events

  • May 2011  1st Announcement/Call for papers
  • 7 January 2012 Deadline for abstract submission
  • 29 February 2012 Deadline for Authors notification
  • 1 May 2012  Deadline for Paper & Poster submission
  • 5 - 7 June 2012 CubeSat Workshop
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